Super Chuckie Egg

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Journey through the four seasons with Harry! Collect gold and silver eggs spread across 36 levels - Winter, Summer, Spri…
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Journey through the four seasons with Harry! Collect gold and silver eggs spread across 36 levels - Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. Play levels in any order you like: some are a breeze to go through, while others are tricky and will require practice. Complete each season to unlock the elements and when you've collected all four, try out for the Master levels and earn yourself an achievement you can be proud of! Use you stash of silver eggs buy extra lives when you need them, or even to complete levels that you’re stuck on! Only have a few minutes free? No problem! Use the Quickplay button to dive straight into a level. Then come back whenever you have time and try out another. Super Chuckie Egg is a retro-modern puzzle platformer with vibrant cartoon art, and with varied levels each with their own difficulty level. Your progress is saved as you play, along with your egg stash. Game Features: - Casual 'old school' platformer with a total of 38 levels - Play at your own pace as your progress is saved automatically - QuickPlay to speed run a level while on-the-go - Use eggs to buy extra lives and skip hard levels - Colorful, vibrant cartoon style graphics - Precise action touch control system - High score feature, game center achievements, unique music, and more! - Bonus level: tap the Super Chuckie Egg logo on the level select screen! Reviews for Super Chuckie Egg: “Super Chuckie Egg is a major leap forward for the venerable franchise, taking a character from the prehistoric age of videogames and giving it a chance to shine in a polished, playable, fun platformer. “ – AppAdvice “This is a platformer that offers more than it might first appear, and once you start playing, it’s likely you’ll get sucked in for more levels than you originally planned.“ – TouchTapPlay “Super Chuckie Egg on mobile gets retro right “ - GameZebo “Ultimately though you’ll jump back in every time because Super Chuckie Egg is such a pleasant, charming, easygoing experience from beginning to end. From the richly detailed visuals and animations to the deceptively deep platforming gameplay, this is a great example of how to modernize a distinguished franchise.” – iFanzine
Seller:Downsideup Games
Genre:Action, Arcade, Family
Release:Mar 18, 2018
Updated:Oct 08, 2019
Size:417.3 MB
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