Android SUPER Baby Game: Dream of Cars

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  1. DreamerDmitriy

    Feb 1, 2020
    SUPER Baby Game is a relaxing sticky game with a piece of wisdom inside.

    It is suitable both for a kid who is tired of serious training sessions, and for an adult who has decided to take a break... or maybe be inspired by a wise quote!

    Move your finger across the screen and enjoy cool cars - from sports models to serious tractors and harvesters.

    Your finger is a fruit and every time you press it is new. Apple, orange, peach, watermelon, lime. How much delicious yummy yum-yum! :)

    Move your finger and get wise words that are useful for both adults and children!

    Get positive notifications and smart thoughts on your phone.

    SUPER Baby Game is a fun game created especially for you!

    The game is currently FREE.
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