Super 8-bit Santa w/ Game Center this holiday!

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    Super 8-bit Santa
    Old School Platformer for the Holidays


    So every year a sea of crappy christmas games arrive to try to scam a buck!

    you know the kind..
    "tap the non animated elf over the never-changes background to score points"
    (ok so there are few good christmas titles, but you get my point)

    We have decided to change the tradition and earn our buck per download!!
    With a real christmas game.
    Things are very early so far we it is running and we do have a screenshot.

    Retro style games are no stranger to the app store but i hope a holiday one will be a welcome change!!!

    Game Center has also already been added and is working great.

    There will be no novelty fee (lol) and the game will be .99
    We will do everything we can to make it universal (although it is not as easy as some people think. Rescaling can be a llot of work but, we will do what we can.


    The basic setup is that Santa's elves have started a mutiny. Santa is now a prisoner in his own workshop.
    Play as santa and battle your way out via all of the classics an old school platformer can offer. And yes, weapons and bosses.
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    Jul 30, 2010
    Hmm interesting controls. Not the best graphics but it has santa killing so i'm all out for it
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    Awww, I love Sandy Clause.
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    that's not exactly 8 bit, but it's still a nice concept. look forward to more info
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    lol Yeah, I suppose only an emulator of sorts would really be 8-bit

    I was actually expecting someone to call us out on the fact the historically the term "Super" implies 16-bit.

    The game itself will have some modern features and the graphics are more of a tribute than anything. I think you have to have some modern flare to be accepted.
    Unfortunately if something like kid Icarus never existed and just finally came out today it would probably get ripped apart by Itunes reviewers. To the majority classics are fun because they are classics.

    I cant help but laugh when i see reviews on something like an amazing authentic reissue of doom getting trashed by people saying the graphics are horrible and pixilated. (Of course because they haven't played the original)

    We are however putting quite a bit of effort into authentic sounds and programming some sweet old school christmas music!!
    Just wait until you hear some authentic chirp style Jingle Bells :eek:
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    Oct 29, 2010
    Would it be at all possible, that we could hear some of that music before the game's released? :)
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    Yeah, Once we have the controls and HUD finalized I'll try to get a video posted and overlay some music.
    (the hud in that screen shot is pretty sorry)

    I just wish we had more time. I would love to release a retro gaming Christmas album on iTunes.

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