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    Sun Moon Star Clock from Clock365 / Lumiandesign is (as it seems) one of the first of several beautifull clocks.
    The devs goal is to get one clock for every day of the year.

    The last two pictures are actually the other way around. The inner Clock ring (with the roman numbers) is adjusting to either landscape or portrait mode.
    The blueish ring is moving constantly around.

    What I've found out:
    :( No possibility (as can be seen in the settings screen) to ignore the auto-lock. So if auto-lock is enabled, the screen will go blank after the set time...
    :) beeeeautifullll!
    :) free
    :) animated
    :) works in landscape and portrait mode
    :) ticking sounds (can be turned off)

    Conclusion: If you like clocks: Go get it!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    EDIT: OK, I've just had a closer look. The clock DOES ignore the auto-lock, but it goes blank after some time nevertheless. One touch on the screen is enough to bring the clock back. So this is good for a nightstand, but during my work I want to have a permanent clock...

    * The blue circle is actually the complete background, which is rotating.
    * The second settings screen which is indicated by the two page counter in the picture is not there.
    EDIT 2: Tried to contact the dev. Seems that the website is on, but the provided email is not... :(

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