Summer themed DIY creative app for kids

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    Make beautiful summer themed world with 123 KIDS FUN SUMMER. We have collected tons of summer treasures for you to create characters, animals and objects. 123 KIDS FUN SUMMER will provide many hours of extremely creative fun.

    Use shells and flowers to make a butterfly. Take a few insects, flower petals, sticks and funny eyes and create favourite cartoon character. You have six blank pages# why not create fairies and their houses with leaves, twigs and silly pompones. The only limit is your imagination.

    Once you have finished creating your masterpiece, you can store it and re#edit it. Additionally, there are 10 illustrations for beginners to spark your imagination.

    Take pictures of your family, relatives or friends and create original summer frames. Adults and educators can prepare math tasks using numbers and children can enter answers using flowers or stones. Teachers can type letters of the alphabet and children can create objects beginning with those letters.

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    This is neither a promo or contest so wrong section please post only in correct sections

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