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  1. ChaosProdigy

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    I've been posting on the new IUGO official forums for days but the activity there is stil nonexistent aside from the DEVs: im hoping other Star Hogs players can chime in, comment and give their own suggestions.

    DEV comments can be found on

    im under the belief that when I personally love a game so much, i get obsessive in trying to make it even better, but this doesnt work as well without communication between fans and those with bad experiences too.

    Please try to stay on Star Hogs topic, and excuse any typos or repeated suggestions.

    here is the final compilation so far.

    Please Comment on any particular #'s and Specify ##: (your coment)
    and i'd love to hear more of IUGO's take on what's doable, so we can all get a feel of what viable future suggestions we could come up with.

    Consolidated Suggestions

    General Game/Game-play/Direction Suggestions:

    1. Star Hogs Storyline, RPG elements, micro Leveling Up, more customization and appearance options. It would seem easy enough to add some text-based story into the campaign.

    2. Addition of online tag teams—it would improve the online experience.

    3. More unique weapons for more customization options to meet different play styles.

    4. Allow us to purchase expensive weapons that are the same energy/damage/weight wise but make them flashier! (This would address having so much cash later on in the game—or add cost of bullets for those weapons).

    5. Let me do mini transactions to individualize my Star Hogs appearance.

    6. Allow reconnects (if dropped from game by a phone call or lost signal) allow us to try to get back into the game online within say 60 seconds? ((*Allow this 1-2 times during a game MAX to discourage on purpose perpetual disconnects by the loosing party.))

    7. Allow more equip slots but lower effects of ALL items-this would allow for more unique ships.

    8. Allow us to see who is online, especially who is from IUGO! I want to against The Developers/employees the most!

    9. More destructible environments, Items, Explosions, Backgrounds (space, planets, stars, space plants?)!

    10. Alien Life? Random biologically based enemies in an all-new or updated Campaign mode! (Think of Zerg in Starcraft). (Natural competition to the mining Conglomerate Corporations-Think Starship Troopers).

    11. Finally, I believe Star Hogs deserves, nay, warrants its own forum sub-section on IUGO forums. (thanks for the quick wish-granting!)

    12. A time trial offline mode where you can compare scores online for single player accomplishments, trophies and time trials.

    13. Betting, allow a type of betting to give a purpose to all the $ we accumulate. It could range from, starting major Corporations, giving them descriptions (EG: Aggressive, Defensive, Tech, Peaceful) etc and then have players choose their Company and do a cumulative monthly score check to see which Corporation has won that month. (Give incentives to joining less popular corporations like slight money boost etc).

    14. Please add more in game sound effects and music: although iPod music is supported in game, I’d love to see more in the game effects department.

    15. Faster A.I. So the games are quicker in single player: some AI just quits their turn randomly when they cant figure out a shot, so more behavioral algorithms would help here.

    16. Have A.I. Say more things (text).

    17. Improve the death animation (after working for the win, make it flashy!)

    18. Create levels based around a Sun like planet, a Black Hole (higher gravitational force) etc.

    19. Add a random supernova in the star background once in a long while (Give players that wow, unexpected cool feeling).

    20. More tips at home screen (bottom of the home screen, during loading etc.)

    21. Star Hogs “Safe Mode” if you had crashes or problems, do a “Safe Mode” start, an option you get during or before you get the “music” options, which will ensure your save file doesn’t get corrupted).

    22. Revolving homepage background (keep it fresh when we log in).

    23. Better damage text, it can be too small and hard to read sometimes. (Let users choose color and size to a point).

    -Post was too long so i will reply the parts...
  2. ChaosProdigy

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    Star Hogs Online Suggestions:

    24. Online ranking auto match smarter matching: match new players closer to their rank, they don’t stand much of a chance against fully geared experienced and highly ranked individuals. *In this case the higher ranked player gets 1 point, but the loosing beginner shouldn’t get penalized too much either. *If 100 points fights against 100 points player it makes sense to loose say 10 points and winner wins 15, but when 100 points fights against 600 points, then 600 points gets 1 point but the 100 points player should also loose only 1 point. *It would seem only fair to encourage more online play, and not let newcomers dread loosing so many points.

    25. Games with multiple players should not punish the looser with so many points lost: there should be a reward bonus to winners granted. *I think once I lose upwards of 40+ points in just one 4 vs. 4 player (8 hogs) game I got disconnected from.

    26. Losers should have an incentive to join 3-4 player games without dreading the points they will loose if defeated, because in multiplayer games they should have a runner up get some point, or at least lose less points.

    27. Consider making a new version of Star Hogs with extra campaign missions, story and improved iPhone 3GS graphics with a higher price point.

    28. Point: example "Star Hogs Online" or "Star Hogs Pro". The idea is to build a better more full on-line experience for a premium that covers development costs, eventually you can offer it free to all original Star Hogs adopters, but have it at a premium for a while in order to like I said cover development costs, WIN WIN!*

    29. Star Hogs online is very robust, stable yet simple, you might make a new mode called "survival" where you take on an onslaught of challengers in single player or online in succession without getting healed up, or a tournament style 8 vs. 8 on special huge maps! (Fun).

    30. Allow adding friends and enemies to a "Friend" and/foe list, and when fighting a Foe you get priority in matching against them through Quick Game setting!

    31. When logging online, it should also save the amount of Cash you have! (In case your game has some problem, at least you have some money to fall back on).

    32. Facebook Connect, Twitter integration (spread the word)! *I cannot stress these two enough as the future, the benefits are insane. *Link Facebook and tell your friends about Star Hogs! Or Tweet about it to your followers: “Hey! I’m on Star Hogs!” (hopefully someone famous with tons of followers likes Star Hogs like the Gadget Blog writers who often have hundreds of thousands of followers and are networked with other influential individuals!*

    33. I cannot stress this one and the previous one enough: Online: PUSH / or email notifications (user on/off switch in options) allow you to receive challenge notifications in real time, or a scheduled challenge at a future time by email. Push would separate Star Hogs into the 1% elite APPs with PUSH notification and give IUGO great publicity. It would also be a major selling point and increase the online community at the same time!*

    34. Online: Quick Play should allow the player to specify 1 on 1, 2 on 2 etc proffered.*
    New players who are put into a 2-4 vs. 2-4 situation receive basic hogs,*
    nevertheless these are no match for fully updated opponent.

    * (a new player should be allowed to toggle "ignore 4 v 4 games" etc with a clear warning that it might slow down the Game search) or the server can do simple math and add up the cost of the competition (say $4,000,000 and 4 fully updated hogs vs. a new players 1 hog that’s barely updated and doesn’t even have all the weapons unlocked at a total of say $200,000, then give the new player slightly better ships with more unlocked slots in that case).

    35. Chat implementation should allow for a server automated message notification for all online players to see "player x beat player y" and have this message with a optional off switch that will hide these messages.

    36. Small incentive (monetary or points lost less) to opponents who surrender when obviously loosing. Make the incentive small but something: this will allow games to be finished quicker and also help start new games quicker too. The incentive for a honorable*
    surrender is there as a bonus to the loosing party who saved time for both players by surrendering instead of running the clock hoping for the winning party to disconnect.*

    37. Really: when an opponent is found the phone should vibrate: sometimes games take longer to find opponents and if game sound is off nothing warns us that game is starting... Damage received can do vibrate but game starting doesn’t? (make this vibration optional with a on/off switch under options).

    38. Ships should be able to level up a little when they successfully kill an opponent hog online: the level up would be title based or with small stat improvements as not to imbalance the game. This will give more incentive for online and help keep the game going towards the future.

    39. Why does the single player A.I. collect money items? Its ok if they pick up energy or armor, but save the money item for the real player! *Online, when you win you should also automatically collect any money icons on the floor (and make money icon give more money too, 500 is a joke.)

    40. New Combat Concept: Ship Special Powers: they charge up over time and have a cooldown. Great way to balance little used ships by giving them slightly better special powers for example: Ice Shield, encase yourself in ICE and skip your next turn, limited*
    invulnerability, (cooldown 5 turns) initial charge needed of having expended 300energy (roughly 3 turns), or Amp Damage: +x% damage next turn, +% mobility etc.

    41. Add random non player comets that fall here and there for some damage and destroy a little of the asteroid uncovering items or the comet itself drops items after the crash, this would be really fun.

    42. More statistics: shots fired, damage done, damage taken, come from behind victories etc.

    43. Option to offer a Tie, this would be an extra option online under Pause many under resume "Offer Tie" where if opponent accepts under his own pause many the parties end the duel with no loss or gain. Case in point if a bug kills the opponents Hog the honorable thing would be to offer a tie or accept it or as a nice act to beginners. Key is don’t make this a popup window to avoid accidental yes. Make pause button glow instead. (this would also fix games that are unable to finish due to stalemate

    44. Weekly / Monthly "Top Hogs" listed on the forums and a possible future link within game for "Top All Time Hogs", to reward and make player accomplishments known for all time! I’m thinking top 3 or top 5 or 10.

    45. Log in capitalization should count not Registration capitalization of online usernames (id like to fix mine to ChaosProdigy, at registration I didn’t realize I’d be stuck with it forever).

    46. Suicide button, only available at hog’s low low life it allows a hog to expend all of its energy and explode for the usual 300+x amount based on energy overcharge amount. (say 500ish total damage) think Street Fighter 4 Ultra.

    47. Online events, organize something once in a while-the novelty alone will bring more of a user base, and also give others more of a reason to play! Tournament style (elimination) etc with Developers/IUGO participating and prizes! Epic tournaments should cost a micro transaction in order to be eligible to enter/help cover prize!

    48. Online trophy's, and benefits from trophy's like paint colors, simple stuff that doesn't imbalance the game but gives reward for effort.

    49. *Show off your trophy’s online! Not just your rank but also your accomplishments too.

    50. *Fight online against IUGO advanced A.I. Bots and configurations if there is nobody available for X period of time! This challenge will be greater than that of HARD on single player and the rewards too.
  3. ChaosProdigy

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    suggestions 50-69 just could not fit in 4 replies! 10,000 letters per reply.. :(
    i am adding suggestions 50-69 as a reply now (it will be on page 2 of replies) wish i did 5 replies originally :( woe is me.

    70. Please look closely, and carefully at Ngmoco'z "Star Defense" and their program for iPhone style "Xbox live" experience through cross game advertising and trophy support. I believe IUGO and Ngmoco could benefit immensely from each other through collaboration in advertising each other’s game in app. At least look into creating your own sphere of app developers and make your own online group of supported games and seal of approval “Star Hog Seal of Approval” (make it a curly tailed pig riding a machine lol, cool). Look at that Bumblebee game—small developer but… Even that studio has their own cross game/cross developer seal of approval while IUGO is on its own, not in the top 50 where it should be and not getting other developers helping to spread the word about IUGO!

    71. New APP: "Star Hogs Online" a online only no campaign APP at a more affordable price. *This app could probably end up on the top 50 easily at .99 cents!

    72. New APP: it would be free and do 1 thing: check online rankings and possibly who is online. It would check this fast and maybe support chat: then charge it $0.99 cents.

    Balancing Suggestions: (I also have some in the Technical Support/Bugs forum)

    72. Balancing issues: energy drain mines/high mobility hog build is impossible to beat 1 on 1 -- you never get a turn! 1.1 Addresses some issues, and I agree mine hog builds need to be viable, yet there should also be some build I could come up with that would do well against them, for example weapons that go through Shield Barrier… much less damage but penetration nonetheless. *Easy fix would be to allow basic missile and basic Vulcan cannon to not be effected by disable weapons, because these systems are “basic” manual systems and have no electrical system that the mine could disable… makes sense no?

    73. Balancing/suggestion: Manually aimed rockets should do more damage than Auto guided rockets!! It takes more skill to aim manually, as I read 1.1 does address this, I’m just not sure how viable this rocket will be long range… maybe add an item that gives this basic rocket a guidance system??? That would be a truly easy fix for those of us that can’t aim well manually long range.

    74. Long distances manually launched missiles should do a bonus to damage/or more splash damage/or give “Cool points/Style points” that later translate to more cash.

    75. Balancing issues: if a fully equipped Hog that is fighting against a 100ptz rank noob, allow that new player a slight HP and or accuracy bonus, something that makes it a more fair match.

    76. Hog balance: combat hog gets too heavy with 4 weapons: make its default with +10 energy, this would balance its very very low (2 slot bottom row) I believe that would be a fair balance.

    Weapons and Equipment:

    77. Trying to set 2-3 mines down at the same time? But the 5-second timer is not clicking at the same time, so the first explosion knocks away the other 1-2 mines? If a player has enough energy to cast 2+ mines the game should ask him if he would like to set 2 mines at the same time, otherwise it can still be done now, but you need to do it very very quickly for the 2 mines to explode at the same time. (Alternatively you can hold the Fire button, until it charges “1-2-3 mines” then when you let go it will set the amount of mines at same time).

    78. By the same token (above mentioned mine suggestion) notice that 2 consecutive (at the same time) mine explosions cause a ship to get pushed back 2x more than just 1 mine. *This makes sense, but test it out because 2 mines are 500 damage in 1.1, but the throw itself could do 200+ damage… or throw you off the asteroid unfairly. (was this intended? Id like to believe it was and its really cool if you can pull it off but still look into it).

    79. New equip item idea: (anti mine effect armor) dampens mine effects by x%, give us something against those nasty mines, lol, and id sleep better at night.

    80. New equip item idea: (mini rockets), lower damage, less energy cost, less weight, and have them go through shield barrier.

    81. New equip item idea: new type of rocket ( Driller Type) that can drill in a straight line through meteors), and possibly push the items back towards the origin of the blast?

    82. New equip item idea: (combined item or separate: Stealth/Teleport) (use all energy to blink away and stealth for 1 turn max or until hit).

    83. New equip item idea: (Jet pack item), Use more energy to boost forward large amounts in style! Less effective than "move" basic skill and takes up a slot, but make it look cool!!!

    84. Weapon Hanger "Purchase Parts" could allow for weapon subsections: "Missiles", "Lasers", and “Mines" so we don’t have to scroll through .

    85. all the weapons each time. I would also like to see more descriptions for some weapons with a "details" button, which will give a full-page detailed item summary. This would help those new to Star Hogs or games in general.

    86. More Hog types and tweaks: a hog with +10energy but less armor,*
    more mobility less weight hog with less armor, hogs with 4,4,1slots as in 4weapon slots 4-armor slots 1equip slot etc .

    87. New weapon: (Damage Barrier) just like Shield Barrier when applied to a ship it will be surrounded by electrical sparks that do damage on physical contact and might allow for "pushing" the opponent slightly.

    88. Weapon concept: "Use All Remaining energy to supercharge skill "x" and end your turn. This could be new 100energy weapons or it could allow for charging up lasers for extra damage next turn.

    89. New weapon idea: (Energy weapons) cool blue electrical sparks, make it signature Star Hogs : high-energy usage, ultra low range and great damage especially against shields/shield barrier. (make this weapon very heavy, definitely meant for defensive hogs, not mobile type).

    90. New weapon idea: (Flame weapons) FLAME THROWER! Sporadic unpredictable waves of fire swirling in the no vacuum space: hit yourself or your enemy no way to be sure, backlash damage !? Flames in space... Enough said!

    91. New weapon idea: (Ice weapons) Freeze ray: make surface friction x% greater in a given area for 1-2 turns and limit mobility/speed on said surface by x% (opposite effect of Clamps item).

    92. New equip items: +5 energy armor parts, "Energy Armor" (+50 armor +5energy and +5 vertical/horizontal thrust). You can mix and match more: like the current +armor and thrust, add another stat +5energy, and mini-clamping stat (33%friction increase, 33% explosion dampening etc) with 6+different mini stats the customization options would sky rocket!*
    *The combinations of these items: speed/energy, dampening/energy, friction/energy, speed/dampening etc would help the Campaign with new unlockables! (Most of the levels give no reward later on… that’s disappointing)

    93. Optimizations like Clamps or Energy should change the look of the Star Hog*

    94. New Weapon Types: (Collector) based off "Excavator" allow A beam to shoot and attach onto items from mining and then pull it into your ship. Increase armor gain from repair box just like you increased energy token. Then ships with +50% item gain would actually be viable and fun! Excavate a bit, laser/attract/pulse items towards you and keep going!

    95. New Hog: Orbiter, a floating hog that moves slow but can never fall into atmosphere due to its floating: this how should have less than 9 available upgrade slots.

    96. New weapon (Carpet Bombing) either as a missile that explodes and rains down projectiles or better yet as a up close tool: if against enemy you launch a "Fly and Drop Bombs" attack which will be an animation of flying up and over while dropping mini bombs *. Fun to be able to fly over AND drop a mine at the same time!

    97. New row of EQUIPMENT Slots, for even more customization options, add a small row of expensive equipment slots that will have an option of class based or run of the mill mini items that don’t do much, but are very expensive! Say 50 armor, 5 speed, +5% damage, little things that help you customize your hogs even more but if you don’t use these the difference is negligible. Maybe even make these items be Perishable! After one battle they are used up, which would give us something to do with all our $$$!!

    98. New classes aside from the existing, for example a defensive class.

    99. Pulsar weapons (pew, pew, pew) not a beam but plasma bursts that can be launched through air like missiles but function as lasers do.

    100. Slow moving weapons, fire it and watch it go in slow motion!

    101. Actual mines that are triggered only by opponent: low energy cost (20) 100 damage but will not be triggered by the hog that set it (team hogs will still set it off) this 1 item could enable a whole new hog type that can take advantage of certain maps and it would enjoy a different play style

    102. Attractor weapon- use a graviton beam to attract opponents or fling asteroids at them!

    103. Pulse Ball laser weapon, launch a ball of energy like a missile that does less damage but larger splash radius and does 0 knockback (energy is not physical), I mean give us something to shoot other than missiles, do same weight/damage/energy but make it cooler.

    104. Increase +hp laser range and damage to asteroids, also improve its over corners aiming because beam is very fat and hits things it is not intended to

    105. The nice in game preset mine that spawns white flames should be an unlockable!!! Make it do a little less damage and cost 120 energy!*
    106. Repulsor mine, cheap to cast and all it does is push away opponent (no damage
  4. ChaosProdigy

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    -----updated 7/19/09-

    107. Opposite of warp torpedo? A very expensive energy torpedo you manually aim and if it hits an opponent or friend it warps them in front of you (make sure it warps them on solid surface or it could warp them to fall to their death (unfair) expensive on energy to prevent abuse of teleporting someone close to a cliff and then pushing them off so energy would have to be at least 100 or end your turn.

    108. Familiar with Star Craft 2? There is a cool launching pad that sends Human robot gatherers by rocket and then shifts into the gatherers. Perhaps add such an animation to warp torpedo?*

    109. Hogs and asteroids and weapons... Add native alien life or random comets something that adds another level to the game like adding new Hogs that are not hogs but mechs or whatnot--Mix It up (Missions/Objectives/Goals/Time Trials/Competition other than Hogs)!

    110. More items across the maps, and more chance to get items from destroyed asteroids (different items etc.)

    111. When you eventually get 8+ hog builds it can be hard micro managing and choosing the right hog online so why not impliment a type of grouping and naming for your hogs like for example: my hog 1,5,7 and 11 can be put together and name this team whateve we want; for example "damage build", "rockets", "mines", "up close", "mine counter", "2 on 2", "Planet-X 3 Hogs Build".etc. This would either help manage multiple hogs or just re-equip the same hogs with multiple item sets. (item sets would also work but not as well)

    112. Long or CAPS online names can obstruct up close vision (if you are above them at the edge for example: especially if 2 or more opponents are under you--its almost impossible to see the edge of the asteroid)

    113. Repair armor item from asteroids, check, repair shield item? Would make sense...

    114. New planet backgrounds: Earth! (or apocalypse ridden earth?)*

    115. The movement box truly needs more work: boosting sideways and up you can never be sure what part of the control box you are moving: look at other iphone games with much better control sticks like Assasins Creed, Hero of Sparta or Zenonia etc... Make me see my input more clearly (make a energy blue electric ice pad mmm nice, have it turn to fire animation while low on energy!-cool)

    116. Self-Destruct equip item: do a little more than 300 damage (no more than say 500-600 total)

    117. Mining can also infect your system with poison gas! Do it to enemies naturally here and there to mix up the action.

    118. Allow for a stealth type passive item that prevents enemy from seeing your energy bubble. *Also have it jam the item that allows them to see whose turn is next - if that item/tool ever makes it back intothe game.

    119. Class only based weapons: only intelligence ships might have 1 weapon unique to them (make it cool and u unique!)

    120. Energy Mines: a type of MAGNET mine that works similar to Time Bomb and have it attract ships and items towards itself until at the 5 second timer it does a small non-knockback pulse (say 100 damage)

    121. AMP customization items: example any weapon subtype like laser type builds could use a Laser based booster item which makes all lasers use a little less energy or do a little more damage or increase range etc

    122. Item Homing Sensors is useless right now: have tbis item boost Homing rockets damage by 10% atleast to make it more viable.

    123. Please allow us to turn game music off but keep FX effects on.

    124. Shield Barrier- check, how about a "Laser Barrier" that protects against lasers same way Shield Barrier does against missles (bounce off)

    125. The upper right part of the screen is empty now with next turn not in game, consider adding something there as i mentioned before:
    Consumable items or skills during opponents turn! Keep more active and adrenaline fueled: example time your consumable shield bubble/energy pulse/item attractor correctly and receive 10% less damage/or pick up a nearby item, or cast out a few random mini missles in hopes of incoming missle hitting them, or teleport a tiny bit to a random direction, just mean give me something to do actively during opponents turn.*

    126. The above leads to the natural conclusion: Like a mini game of energy recharge during opponents turn, opponent would be smart to finish his turn before 30seconds are up--- where correct presses yield 1-5energy max towards a 105% energy total for your next turn (5energy overcharge max) not gamebreaking, but keeps the action going

    127.Change Title to "Star Hogs Online" with the release of a free "expansion" basically a big enough upgrade to online of chat and others would warrent the term expansion and changing of app name to Star Hogs Online (ged-er-done!) its not just APP icons that matter, its the title and rating!

    128. Weapon charge animation: make the muzzle of the gun fire up more and more as you hold fire button! Its too plain to watch the power bar... And repettitive

    129. Hog combinations! Certain levels can have a mystery hog part in the level that activates when 2 bogs are on jt combining the 2 hogs into a bigger cooler boss hog, but make this weaker than 2 hogs separate: a novelty item that is functioning but less optimal than the same 2 hogs by themselves.

    130. Engeneer special skill or engeneer only item should be AUTO TURRETS, set one down for small range cover, tbe torret is distructable and if it hits opponent more than 200 damage it will overheat an explode for 50 damage. (dont allow more than 1-2 active turrets at any given time)

    131. Combat hogs should have a +DPS specisl skill or item unique to that class

    132. Intelligence hogs should have a Laser Satelite Orbiter item which hivers around them firing short range lasers or might gave a missle hit it instead of hog for a little less damage: again if satelite does more than 200 damage during any 1 turn it should self destruct for 300 damage because smart opponents will make sure they dont use satelite more than 200 damage during their own turn and in that case energy cost to maintain the orbiter should be 20-40energy per yoir own turn.

    133. Give hogs small tiny micromanagement like : power, energy etc

    134. a skill tree of sorts would work too (tbink world of warcraft)

    135. Fights on the surface of planets... Asteroids above too, tbink of it as the moon: you csn land there...

    136. Levels with no asteroids but surfaces like star mining complexes etc

    137. Boss Battles! Fights against stronger, smarter ai (give AI grippng clamps for petes sake) this could be huge bosses, aliens or new hogs!*

    138. (Please give us the paint color BLACK)

    139. Put a paypal donation link on the website somewhere

    140. New level: shaped like a giant Cross ("Judgemenr") every type of mines etc

    141. New MaLEE weapons: whirlwind blades (use death animation first few spins and add dual blades into the mix that do damage immexiately around hog and push back somewhat.

    142. Chain lightning attack: hit 1 enemy and bounce to another enemy if they are in close proximity.

    143. Passive Auras ships, give bonuses or status affects to surrounding hogs : benefit if bunched together is small but also it balances out because most enemy damage is splash/mine danger so i think it would be easily balanced

    144. Elemental type damages and resistance stats

    145. Warp gates for huge levels, enter at warp A exit at warp B location instantly

    146. Save and Quit option for campaign single player.

    147. Star Hogs: when online post the IUGO forums as a link on tbe Announcements page! 99% of all your users and fans do not know about this forum and your other games arent being discussed either. *Think about it: advertise forums in all your games (update the games with a link) and work on more subsections for each game. Then visitors to toy bot will see star hogs an vice versa

    148. Allow in game screenshots button: i press home+power af same time but sometimes it closes game because i pressed home before power :( * More screenshots of good action would trickle into blogs and internets! Always good because all the pictures an video i saw so far is basic boring boring amateur stuff thst doesnt shos off Star Hogs true nature.

    149. You tube support, atleast make some good video mashups IUGO!

    150. Ice planets

    151. Developer chat! Q & A between fans and devs, mAke chat transcript available and the blogs will pick it up and publish.

    152. Allow reordering the hogs, the first hog we create is automatically #1 on the list forever and alternative is selling it just to replace it... Sometimes its hard to manage hogs unless i put them in an order i find useful.

    153. 2 planets! Mini moon above with its own gravitational pull-or- A level in between 2 planets! Up and down!

    154. A level surrounded by planets!

    155. Allow winner to zoom and look around the 3d round planet below... Some are quite nice

    156. Mine Launching from inside a Shield Barrier should be allowed... Fling the mine in a random direction would be fair but do allow it to get out of the barrier--it seems logical

    157. Escavating a new item: *+5seconds on the timer for that current turn.

    158. Disable Shields Mine's knockback zhould be lowered...

    ---------More To Come--------*
    Thanks for reading
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    this compilation was made in about 4 days and was 95% typed on my iphone...

    Mmm gotta lve that reppetittive stress syndrome

    crackle and pop!!! >^_^<
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    I'm CEO, bitch.
    Stuck in Limbo
    holy crap...

    :eek: that's a lot of suggestions!
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    the next whiskey bar
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    I hope this gets read by someone...important.
  11. Rocketman919

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    Aug 8, 2008
    You have a serious problem. Do you ever think of .... You know, going outside or something?
  12. ChaosProdigy

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    I have a full time security job and also im a College student and English tutor--so i go out but my iphone is always one me... You get bored doing security: seriously, great job for College but often boring :)

    Anyone here has comments or suggestions of their own concerning the glorious future of Star Hogs?
  13. Alichan76

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Wow! I am...stunned:eek:
    I haven't read it all, but I would like to see a space equivalent of what we normally see as changeable wind strength. It adds hugely to these artillery games, and without it seems like a large omission. Of course in space, that's tricky, but there must be some alternative (vortex?).
  14. ChaosProdigy

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    There are such things as radiation storms, solar flares and possibly solar winds (energy/dust particles)

    great suggestion

    o Please keep them coming and fill the DEVS heads with feedback as they work on version 1.2!!!
  15. ChaosProdigy

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    I guess these suggestions didnt fit into my 4 original replies: here they are

    Random Suggestions:

    51. Please: link IUGO official forums to the mobile iphone IUGO website and inside the Star Hogs app( it was hard(impossible)to find even on Google! I called the IUGO phone and was happy to find an immediate live response from a very friendly and helpful IUGO employee).

    52. And finally (for now) unlocking all campaign levels on easy, normal and hard should yield a cool looking ship! It will be identical stat wise but unique looking---something for all that work, to show off "the love of the game".

    *User base Building/Maintenance Suggestions:*

    53. Increasing Star Hogs user base ideas: familiar with Mobsters/Vampires live on app store and their clan based technique?*

    54. Clans/Guilds with cross chat communication and team tournament possibility and clan unlockable items levels and achievements would net more recruiting power by the active fan base! The activity increase would benefit the IUGO and fan community, and the success of the Online would be seen as the first true online evolution of iPhone 3.0 software possibilities: (micro transactions/etc) in turn! The publicity of IUGO and Star Hogs would sky rocket!!!

    55. Friend referral? Buy Star Hogs? Make a online account registration? Add 1 more optional line to the registration: referred by: (star hog username/or email) with x amount of referrals receive a in game unique item and or title (that is balanced but cool to use!—make my hog glow golden or pulse energy heheh).

    56. Future major updates for Star Hogs or Star Hogs 2? Hog---> Mech transformations (Drool), on alien planets fighting (drool).

    57. iPhone 3GS graphics support! (be the first to offer a iphone 3gs sub version = unimaginable publicity!) even if it’s not the whole game, just parts of the game could be improved for example death animation on 3gs might be something only a 3gs could handle?! Little things like how the weapons and explosions looks would go a long way… (This will open the floodgates on the millions on 3gs users, as there is no games I can think of that have 3gs support yet).

    58. Making a "Tournaments" option might warrant a monthly fee of ".99cents" to cover tournament prizes like "Star Hogs T-Shirts, Hats, Key-Chains" etc.*

    59. Think about the long-term future of the game: more customization and off-line content for the casual crowd. A large amount of your fan base will be the casual gamers who play a game here and there. Look at "Peggle" simple game, at a great and fun reward style with its own storyline and great trophy support. Look at some other games too, like "Puzzle Quest", that offers a long game with a simple mechanic. Perhaps branch out Star Hogs into a type of RTS game like "Risk" but in a "Star Hogs Universe" (another great game title).

    60. Hardcore fans benefits from useful and fun content at a premium we are happy to pay (even monthly) but make sure it does not give these user any advantage online. (colors, ship looks, weapon effects, titles etc).

    61. Star Hogs Online Store (As mentioned above, T-Shirts, Hats, easiest thing in the world), and I would proudly wear the T-Shirt to school when I tutor English at my local University (U-Mass Boston).*

    62. How do you keep a growing retention rate of active and happy users who will be happy to use micro transactions to improve their game experience? The goal is to advertise more, and make "Star Hogs" the gateway product into the IUGO game experience by inevitably lowering the price. With more users trickling down through your other games and vice versa it’s a win win.

    63. Iphone tracking websites like have a useful daily email notification of all iphone app price changes, and by lowering the price that is another way to reach out to a larger audience of potential fans. Lowering the price would be key during a time of heavy advertising to ensure the APP gets to the top 50, at which point everything should be exponential!

    64. Reach out to a wider casual audience with a better single player experience: add video on startup (with a option to turn it off from startup), [a mashup of cool mini scenes: explosions and such should be better than nothing], Hell you can pay an animation studio to do a quick 10-30 second clip of animated hogs in space with nice explosions, zooming in on some sick multiplayer action and falls to death below! That would be a cool intro to hogs (but again make this a switch toggle in options to prevent it from startup once you have seen it enough times).

    65. Add a story line: a purpose to having Star Hogs in space for the RPG fans out there. You could even do live storyline, with constant updates online to the story, with events like major conglomerate guilds, (sort of like EVE online) and their accomplishments, wealth, or planets that they own, and maybe even have options to attack these planets through a type of pen and paper math/text based interface. Sort of like a whole new minigame into the Star Hogs universe that allows you to do X amount of energy/turns/actions and have those turns happen on their own over time. Like buying X amount of a type of "War Hogs" attack planet "Y" etc with "X" defenses, and the math will tell you by tomorrow what happened. This type of content would guarantee a larger following and retention.

    66. This stuff takes time and I am just shooting ideas and what if-s out there, but to build an online community that will stay active one truth is clear: it necessary to keep the game fresh with add-ons, improvements, balances, events and premium content for those that are willing to pay for it, but does not give them any advantage over regular users.

    67. In short don't let the game get stale and predictable, with a dying online activity like most iPhone APPS which publish a game and then never update it... As long as you ensure long term income from Star Hogs early on, with micro-transactions, optional monthly fees (which would offer titles on top of an online name), Star Hogs merchandise (easy enough to design a logo and mass print T-Shirts, Hats, Drinking Mugs, Key chains through one of many online suppliers) you could then afford to have a dedicated team that will continue to work on the game and please the fan base. (Think of "Pocket God" and its many updates), this business model works, and I hope to see more updates from Star Hogs and the team behind them as they use this game as a launching pad to all IUGO merchandise, and set the standard for online action.

    68. IUGO should offer ONLINE CHAT on their official IUGO website forums. *To see an example of how this works try out (a yugioh online website I used to use a lot while playing yugioh online as BlastSphere) ahem. Anyhow their forums implementation of chat is amazing, and would work in a way as a type of player help line for beginners, and also a place to chat for now while in game chat is not in yet. *Players could meet on the forums (Make a new forums section for “Challenge Players”, a place to go and post challenges and reply to them too, then use chat to coordinate etc. *This actually could work really well for now while chat in game is in works, and would be a 1,000 more simple than in game chat, and yet functional enough for now and long term. (Assign moderators to this chat too, users who are active and trusted who can mute an user if abuse is happening and report them, although I doubt there will be any issues.)

    69. I hope more users become aware of these forums: they do not show up through Google search, are not linked within the IUGO games help interface that I can see, and there is no link to them through the mobile iphone view of the main IUGO website (no option to see the regular website: although Iphone can handle it)

    70. Please look closely, and carefully at Ngmoco'z "Star Defense" and their program for iPhone style "Xbox live" experience through cross game advertising and trophy support. I believe IUGO and Ngmoco could benefit immensely from each other through collaboration in advertising each other’s game in app. At least look into creating your own sphere of app developers and make your own online group of supported games and seal of approval “Star Hog Seal of Approval” (make it a curly tailed pig riding a machine lol, cool). Look at that Bumblebee game—small developer but… Even that studio has their own cross game/cross developer seal of approval while IUGO is on its own, not in the top 50 where it should be and not getting other developers helping to spread the word about IUGO!

    I appoligize for the confusion, i didnt realize i was missing a chunk until now :) annnnd nobody noticed?? :)
  16. ChaosProdigy

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    Update: Im starting a Star Hogs fan website and ill do my darndest to get in forums chat going. IUGO devs were kind enough to offer art and advertising on the in game online announcement board!


    "Thanks for your support and participation in the Starhogs online community. IUGO will be glad to promote fan activities in any way we can. The strategy forum sounds like a fantastic idea especially if the current #1 player (ChaosProdigy) contributes to it. If it is confirmed and running, we can help promote it by putting the URL on the Starhogs online lobby's Message Of The Day.

    PM me about the plans. Keep up the good work!

    EDIT: Don't worry, unlike some other games (not naming names), we took our time to engineer the game's networking component and server technology in order to give the best possible online experience to all Starhogs fans. Bring on the new players!"

    OP found at:

    Exciting stuff, ill keep you all posted!
  17. ChaosProdigy

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    Account Manager
    More suggestions:

    159. Bluetooth Multiplayer (A non Ranked quick play and more stable, with friends!)

    160. IUGO sound at startup, i'm not quite sure how to pronounce it myself: I U GO ?

    161. Ability to skip your turn completely at full energy, and receive a supercharge to 150% your next turn. (think of the amazing fun ships you could build with this)

    162. Extra iphone Star Hogs options under "settings" (think BeeJive...) give us a ton of options!

    163. Have IUGO Online servers record random matches, and post some good ones on their website every week, or have user submitted videos and small prises.

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