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    Today Apple published our game SUDOKUit. It is a 2 x 2 Sudoku which we believe to be the world's hardest Sudoku. I know a 2 x 2 should be child's play. If you are a Sudoku lover and want to have a new experience playing Sudoku try SUDOKUit. It is available at this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sudokuit/id928419251?mt=8

    The 2 x 2 has 4 levels: Cinch, Easy which your children can solve, Difficult which I can solve most of the time, Extreme which is a bit of a struggle for me, Evil and Insane which are beyond me. SUDOKUit only takes seconds to play so you will soon know if you can bust our claim. There is a hint button if you get stuck. If you can beat the 5th and 6th 2 x 2 level try the 3 x 3. I don't think any expert Sudoku player can solve it consistently.

    Here are some screen shots of an easy level




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