Stefan Hoppe
This sudoku brings you an addictive gaming experience by letting you draw your numbers with your finger and with Apple P…
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This sudoku brings you an addictive gaming experience by letting you draw your numbers with your finger and with Apple Pencil! You have sudoku books. Your books have names and your sudokus inside are numbered, so you can easily refer to them and exchange your experiences with your friends. Solve your sudokus in any order and switch between sudokus of different books anytime. But wait, there is more, much more: + Solve whole sudoku books from gentle to diabolic (books are added regularly) + Draw numbers with Apple Pencil and your finger + Solve your sudokus partially and finish them later + Add notes (possible numbers) to empty squares + Auto-disable completed numbers + Auto-delete notes that are no longer needed + Use hints for unknown squares + Cancel sudokus to see the solution + Highlight identical numbers + Record your play time (time can be hidden) + Record your game score (score can be hidden) + Record hints used while solving + Record errors made while solving + Analyze your game statistics and see your improvements + Add morning and evening reminders + Select your color theme + Play offline wherever you are + Save energy and extend your battery life + Share finished sudokus with your friends on Twitter BEAUTIFUL SUDOKU BOOKS, BEAUTIFUL SUDOKUS Solve sudokus of varying difficulty: gentle, medium, hard, evil and diabolic. Each book contains 100+ beautiful sudokus with unique solutions! YOUR FINGER, YOUR PENCIL Draw numbers with Apple Pencil, Apple Pencil 2 and even with your finger! YOUR GAME, IN YOUR COLOR Choose your color theme, with harmonized color palettes to match your unique taste! HAPPY BATTERY, HAPPY LIFE Play with minimal energy consumption and ensure a long battery life! PLAY OFFLINE, WHEREVER YOU ARE Play everywhere without internet connection: on an airplane, on a train or in the dessert, just play! A PLEASURE TO PLAY, ON ANY DEVICE Play on any device with iOS 11 or newer installed. It also supports iPhone X natively! FUNCTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL Enjoy a well organized and beautiful user interface that makes you want to play each and every day!
Seller:Stefan Hoppe
Genre:Board, Family, Puzzle, Strategy, Trivia
Release:Feb 27, 2019
Updated:May 29, 2019
Size:24.8 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal