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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by killercow, May 23, 2012.

  1. Sameedao

    Sameedao Member

    Apr 30, 2015
    Issue with SS missions

    Hello, Jeppe,

    I am an experienced player but discovered recently that one of the standard game missions we encounter is proving to be nearly impossible. It's where the player is asked to collect all four power-ups at the same time. In previous versions, this mission was not too difficult because any of the four standard power-ups PLUS the Power Jumper and Hoverboard all qualified as 'power-ups'. Now, it appears that Hoverboards no longer count. I played for a full hour and did not come close to completing this mission. Perhaps the team could re-look this particular mission. I doubt that Kiloo intended for it to be this time-consuming. As it stands now, whenever I encounter this mission, I automatically buy it with coins, but that seems wrong to me. Thanks!
  2. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    I will pass the information to the designers. Hoverboard did indeed count as a power-up, but it was corrected as that was not intended, but perhaps it is worth a second look (either the mission or the board counting as power-up).

    Are they actively playing the game? They need to submit a score to Top Run to appear. If that is the case, contact support www.kiloo.com/support
  3. RomeoNevland

    RomeoNevland Member

    May 19, 2015
    Bumping into light signals not working in NYC update

    Hello Jeppe,

    I have the mission, bump into 8 light signals in one game, normally no problem but I can bump in every light signal in the NYC update but it is not working.

    Also, normally you bump into a light signal and switch lane but now you also sometimes bump back into the lane you were running in.
    Don't know if this is intentional but it is a fact.

    Please check and repair for next update.

    And PLZ get the developpers to add the option to be able to buy multiple boxes because buying them one by one is insame if you want to buy thousands mainly to get extra keys, head starts and score boosters.


  4. Sameedao

    Sameedao Member

    Apr 30, 2015
    NYC Gane fails to record bushes run into

    Jeppe, in addition to another poster's comment on light switch glitches, the NYC version is also failing to count bushes that are run into. I've tried both a reset of the game and a hard reset of the iPad and neither helps. Can these bugs be patched please?
  5. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    New York 2015 Update

    Hello guys!

    The Subway Surfers are now surfing New York City. Join the crew to explore the buzzing tracks of The Big City Subway!

    Tony has joined the Surfers in this update, and he is rocking a sporty new Game Outfit.

    This visit to New York marks a milestone for the game. We have given everything in the subway a graphical overhaul. It is still “the good old Subway Surfers”-game as we haven’t changed the gameplay. However, especially on high-end devices, you will notice a lot of cool new details, and that everything generally just looks much more smooth and nice :)

    As a last thing, you can go hunting for Basketballs to earn the Weekly Hunts prizes.

    If you have any feedback or questions, you can leave them right here.

  6. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    We are already looking into both missions, thanks for the reports!
  7. Jerutix

    Jerutix Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2009
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    For curiosity's sake, can you give us a full change log on graphical/under the hood updates? I think I've noticed some differences with shading and maybe some clouds, but I'd love to know exactly what is different so I can appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Sameedao

    Sameedao Member

    Apr 30, 2015
    Issues with NYC version...continued

    Jeppe, my wife and I also discovered the game counters aren't working for missions that require bumping into barriers...both within a single run and cumulatively. Until these bugs are patched, we must buy both missions. We've stopped completing missions due to these glitches.

    On the positive side, the new graphics are simply stunning. I've never noticed moving cars and steam venting before, plus the beautiful light reflection on the track rails, train roofs and other objects. Extremely well done! Please convey our appreciation to the team.
  9. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    Thank you for noticing the changes :) The new update has received some overall visual improvements. The changes are different depending on the hardware of the device, and unfortunately I can't give you a complete list of improvements.
  10. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your feedback - I am glad that you like the visual improvements :)
    We are aware of the issue regarding 'Bump into...' Missions, and we are currently working on a fix.
  11. Sameedao

    Sameedao Member

    Apr 30, 2015
    Problems after iOS 9 upgrade on iPad Air 2

    We noticed right away after upgrading to iOS 9 that Subway Surfers has new graphics problems. The game seems to cycle, almost on a predictable pattern between running normally and then running jerkily. When it runs jerkily, it's very much like driving a car over a road containing continuous potholes. Your eyes cannot focus on the roadway or other objects in the background...this what is happening in the game now. I'm running version 1.44.1.

    I tried tweaking various iPad settings...shutting off Siri, disallowing multiple apps and turning off background app refresh...nothing improves how the game runs.

    Please ask the team to investigate this as it is very annoying, the game is no longer enjoyable and leads to unintended crashes. Thank you!
  12. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    We are currently looking into CPU and GPU usage of the new HD version, across all platforms. It seems the combination of both iOS 9 and the HD version can be problematic on certain iPads.

    All I can recommend for now is a soft reset, and running only Subway Surfers.
  13. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    Kenya Update

    Hello everybody!

    The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in Africa. Get the new update to race through stunning savannahs and beautiful cliff landscapes - and you might even spot a grand animal or two roaming the sides of the Subway tracks :)

    In Kenya you'll also meet Zuri, the dancing Masai girl, with her cool City outfit and the new Woody board. New Spray Can Awards are also ripe for the taking - you'll only need to open a specific amounts of Super Mystery Boxes.

    I hope you will enjoy your African adventure with the Surfers.

    Feedback and questions are very welcome, and you can leave it right here.

  14. NanEpic

    NanEpic New Member

    Sep 27, 2015
    Top Run picture on android

    I sincerely love the game and have been playing it for quite long. One thing is that when I see the top run everyone has their own picture but I can't find any option to change my picture. Is this simply due to the fact i'm on an android device (Samsung galaxy A3) or is there a genuine problem? :confused:
  15. Ultimatix

    Ultimatix Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2015
    Don't focus so much on the graphics, please change the Gameplay a little bit or add new Game Elements to it. Every Area should have new Gameplay Elements and not just have a change in cosmetic. After the 100th run this game got really repititve and boring because it's always the same.
  16. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    The picture used on Top Run and other boards is your Facebook profile picture, if you have connected the game to Facebook (or Game Center, on iOS). There is no way to add a picture without connecting to Facebook.
  17. badoinx

    badoinx New Member

    Sep 30, 2015
    need help please

    My all time favorite game subway surfer crashes on boot ... I install this game on every new phone i get .... Now i'm using LG G pro 2 and it has 3gb RAM so i figured that there should be no problem playing it (SWS).
    This is the first time this happened and surpricingly on a higher end phone... Never had this problem with my samsung galaxy wonder,S3,s4,htc one x, and lumia 1020. Please help ... What might have caused the problem?
  18. Kiloo_Jeppe

    Kiloo_Jeppe Well-Known Member

    Transylvania Update

    Hi guys!

    Are you ready for Halloween in the Subway? Run through magical forests with poisonous swamps and visit the haunted hallways of count Dracula’s castle; the new destination is Transylvania.

    In this update you'll meet Mike, the charming werewolf surfer. He'll be available with a thrilling extra Outfit and a scary new Board. You can also earn the new Big Game Hunter Awards which are achieved by completing the Weekly Hunt in a single run a specific number of times.

    Lastly, you’ll be collecting small, spooky ghosts to earn prizes in the Weekly Hunts - or should we call it: "The Weekly Haunt" ;)

    I hope you will have a spooktacular Halloween in the Transylvanian Subway.

    As always, if you have any feedback or questions, you can leave them right here.

  19. Eoghann

    Eoghann Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2012
    IT Guy/Graphic Designer/Gamer
    New York
    Great update! There are always some updates that make me say "I'm never updating past this one" because they're too cool. :)

    A few things though:

    - Show top run friends: I've turned it to OFF and it still shows them while I run and on the high score list at the end. Not sure what it disables?

    - have there been any modifications to the touch sensitivity of the game? It seems to require more solid swipes this time around, causing for the swipe to not register if it's too light, resulting in accidents.

  20. exabarria

    exabarria New Member

    Oct 18, 2015
    there are some bugs I've noticed in latest update:

    1. loading time has increased a lot, when it reaches 100% the game stuck for at least 25 seconds (in previous versions this time was around 8 seconds)

    2. when you swipe down to avoid a barrier and inspector is behind you, he doesn't have an animation avoiding the barrier and simply get stuck "flying" behind you until it's supposed to finish this animation, then he starts to run again

    3. when you grab jetpacks or power jumpers, the sound that reproduces when you grab them plays duplicated

    4. (I'm not be able to reproduce this one) I was riding a board (hoverboard I think) and when it ran out, the character's animation riding a board continued until I avoided the next obstacle

    (device: Samsung GT-I8550L, Android 4.1.2)

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