Submitting Lite (Free) vs. Full (Paid) Apps?

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  1. So I just finished development for both the Lite (Free) and Full (Paid) version of my app and plan to release both next month, September (hoping for the 20th!!).

    Few questions I am coming across determining how much I need to differentiate the 2 as far as the Icon, Title, Description, and Keywords I choose go... please help. I need your advice!

    1). Icon:
    - Does the Lite (Free) version need to be different than the Full (Paid) version?
    - Assuming I will make them different, I am trying to decide to add "FREE" or "LITE" to the logo. Which resonates better with consumers?
    - OR rather than adding something to the Lite/Free version, is it all together better for me to make the Paid version be the one to stand out?

    2). Description:
    - Obviously I need to highlight the key feature enhancements that are included if upgrading to the Paid version... how different to the two descriptions need to be?
    - I am wondering if I should add the key differences/features included in the Full version as a bulleted list. My worry with this is that the user would have to hit "MORE" to view these.

    3). Keywords:
    - Is it smart to include "free" as one of the keywords in the Free/Lite version? Or is that just a waste of precious real estate?

    4). Name/Title:
    - As of now, I registered both games with the addition of the word Lite and Standard to the end. Is there a more optimal word to use rather than "Lite" (Free?) or "Standard" (Full, Paid, HD, Extended?)
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    It always helps to compare what already sucessful brands did I think.

    1) Adding free seems to be more popular these days. Cut the rope and fruit ninja go that route, to name the most prominent.
    I think you can answer the first question on your own. Even if apple would allow it, why would want to screw with your potential clients with not making crystal clear what they get with that download ?

    2) Again, there is no BEST practise. See what works on other games and how feel or felt about it, when reading it for the first time. Was it clearly accessiblw, was it annoying to find out it was reduced content ?
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    3) Minor point, but you dont need to repeat any of the words in your app title as a keyword as they are included automatically. So for example for our game Pig Rush, we don't have "pig" or "rush" in the keywords, but it's still searchable under those words.
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    4. I've read a few postmortems which stated that Free or Lite don't really appeal to iOS gamers. You could name your free game Game Title Begins or Game Title Origins, etc. Personally, I cannot guarantee that it's a good idea. But it could fit your game. And I wouldn't use HD for the full version. HD usually indicates that the game is for iPad.

    3. If your Lite version isn't named Free, you should include Free in your keywords.

    2. Imagine someone stumbling upon your Paid game in iTunes. Do you want him to see "10 more levels! 3 new types of puzzles! 5 outfits for your Fluffy Puffy!" or "Match the explosive jewels to save a kitten!" or what the game is about? Personally, I'd prefer to get the latter one. You could add a small phrase like "10.000% more awesome than Lite Version Name" at the end to indicate that there is a Lite version. And when (if) the User presses More... he gets the full bulleted list of enhancements/benefits.
  5. Wow, thank you all for the great advice. Really helps.

    We are adding "Free" to icon for the Free/Lite version of the game now, and "Free" is also now part of my keyword list for that version as I did not include it in the Title of the name.

    Feels so good tackling these minor (but impactful) tasks. As of today, we finally have a site with some more information and screenshots if you care to take a look:

    You can also follow us on Facebook as we prep for the submission and then launch.

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