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    So I was on my iPhone taking a look at the Top Grossing Charts for RPG games. First thing I noticed was out of the top 50 grossing RPG's : All of them are Free to Play, except one which costs $0.99 which is loaded with IAP so it's basically freemium. Then at #51 is Dragon Quest 5, which probably is only in the charts cause it's new and retails for $15.00. Pretty amazing that a game that sits at #4 on the RPG paid charts (US Store) that costs $15.00 only ranks #51 on the top grossing for RPG's. This makes me realize how difficult it must be to invest lots of time and money into a high quality RPG and not make it freemium, especially for publishers that are not Square Enix :)

    Next, I thought I'd look for a fun new action-rpg game or something of the sort. Something that offered good adventure and rpg elements to it. I figured I'd find something like that in the top free rpg grossing charts. But what I do find is a lot of city building apps, match 3 apps and a few stragglers that don't fit those categories, but not one game I'm looking for.

    As much of a cult following Final Fantasy 7 has, if it was released on mobile I don't think it would crack the top 5 grossing RPGs, and if it did, it wouldn't last long before it dropped off the charts. I'm truly trying to understand why free to play gaming is so popular and profitable, being someone that has bought like 1 IAP in his entire life. And is the traditional RPG I love dead in the water? Seems to be... at least to the masses of mobile.

    Is it even worth investing in quality paid RPG games for mobile? To generate the kind of a return necessary to become profitable would be no easy feat, especially when nothing even comes close to the top 50 grossing rpg games. Maybe the games I love as RPGs are just better suited for other platforms like PC and console.
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    Is it really so hard to see?

    Human nature. Mankind is at a point where it doesnt want to spend resources on anything, yet wants everything. But blindly expends resources to get ahead on anything he already has, which in the first place he has acquired for the price of nothing.

    Titles like FF7 will not break top grossing charts, but they will earn enough for profit and for its upkeep. Reason why we are getting lots of classic ports on iOS.

    High-end production value originals will still exist, but only at a minimum, yet enough to keep iOS gaming enthusiasts to stick to the mobile platform. Sadly, anything in the middle ground will eventually decide to go freemium or at least have something through IAP to help keep their roofs and lights.

    Sad reality really, but one we dont have control over. We are a few who love premium mobile gaming, and are the main reason these ports exist, and somehow keep premium gaming exist, but we're still a minority.

    Im just glad our small fraction of existence is enough to encourage premium ports and premium titles consistently.
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    I posted something like this on reddit a few months back. Its not just this way with rpg games but with the whole app store. When I looked only 3 out of the 150 top grossing apps were paid... Its sad to see but its clearly what makes money. I will always release a premium version along with free (if I even do free again)

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