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    Do you wanna take this out on the streets and see if you belong on it? Take this test and find out. Street Test 3 offers various types of test methods that will stump you and most definitely make you have a good and fun time. Consisting of 3 different streets, all with its own unique style offers lots of sections and activities to test you. This is not a type of test game where you are only asked questions. We have put together something way more interesting and exciting, and truly believe that you will really enjoy this game.

    **FEATURES -
    Over **600** Steps
    - 5 star graphics
    - Uses shaking, dragging and more controls
    - Recommended for all ages
    - Each Streets with different characters
    - Various of sound effects
    - Exciting game play
    - Lots of types of activities

    STREET MODES: --14th Street --34th Street --42nd Street

    EACH CONSISTING WITH HUNDREDS OF STEPS ****************************


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