Strategic Defence

Everae Limited
"Ok, this little gem is AMAZING. Pretty much the freshest tower defense strategy game I have played in ages. The more …
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"Ok, this little gem is AMAZING. Pretty much the freshest tower defense strategy game I have played in ages. The more I play it, the more I love it. I don't think I've ever been this challenged by a tower defense game before. If tower defence or strategy games are your thing, then you REALLY need to try this out. It's seriously amazing." Touch Arcade Forum Review Description Have you got what it takes to keep your cool and win? You take on the role of the Android Commander to lead your forces back from the brink of extinction and inflict the ultimate revenge on those who put you there. Test your strategic knowledge as you strive to complete primary and secondary objectives whilst building a successful defense against the enemy waves of attack. A strategic, story driven, tower defense game with boss fights that builds tension, and puts you under pressure to prove you have got what it takes to win ... have you? What people are saying: App Store Review – Lite Version “Epic story driven tower defense with boss fights! I really enjoyed this game, nice graphics and an interesting story that keeps the momentum building, accompanied by some great music. The word strategy in the name is apt with defense placement and resource management being key to success. I especially like the levelling system and upgrade options. Great game, highly recommended” Touch Arcade Forum: “Great game. I can take or leave some tower defense games, just holding off wave after wave, but I found Strategic Defence really spiced things up a little with primary and secondary objectives. I found it taking me back to my younger days of playing games like Command and Conquer” “It’s also nice to have an underlying story and theme which evolves throughout the game. I like games that have a story, it makes me want to play through to the end. All in all I would definitely recommend this TD game.” “This is a really good game. If you’re in any way in TD and base building games you should at least give the lite version a try” Features • Absolutely no in-app purchases; you buy the game, you get the whole game • 25 missions plus 3 bonus missions • 20+ hours of game play • Focus on developing an effective strategy to complete objectives • Experience gained from completing missions, generating upgrade points • Upgrade points can be spent on; ** Unlocking new defences, towers and buildings ** Customising defenses ** Enhancing your economy • Upgrades can be reset between missions to support your strategy • Missions can be replayed Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
Seller:Everae Limited
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Nov 07, 2014
Updated:Oct 13, 2017
Size:101.2 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal