Strange story anyone? Coming full circle!

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    Part 1
    Ok so the media world pegged the iPad to be called iLifeTouch instead of iPad. I guess apple leaked this info to send people on a wild goose chase before the iPad was released. Near the end of all this misinformation I read someone here on touchArcade mention that this revolutionary device was going to be called iLifeTouch. ( just before it was to be released in the US)

    So the little inquisitive kid that I am (trapped in an old persons skin) the first thing I did was find out if Apple actually grabbed for this new tablet.
    All the reporters and bloggers must have done the same thing before they broke the story. To my amazement the name was available on godaddy so I grabbed my credit card (one of the few perks for being an old person ) and bought the domain.

    After buying the website name I had the correct suspicion that iPad wasn't going to be the iLifeTouch after all.

    So now I owned this name that I had no interest in, collecting dust. So I decided to start a new company using iLifeTouch that makes apps, that make peoples lives easier one day at a time. TM The first universal app that we are releasing is "YOU"" It is being approved right now. The only thing this monster doesn't do for "YOU" is brew coffee.

    Part 2
    Just to make this story even more ridiculous. The kid that built "YOU" is from Calcutta speaks very strange English and has never built an app before of any kind. As a matter of fact he didn't even have a mac to start the project. He did a website for me ( working for an other company) I told him by chance that I built puzzle apps for the iPhone. Big mistake!

    This web designer had so much fire in his belly that I was getting 3 emails or skypes a day telling me that he was ready to develop apps for us. After two months of driving me and my business partner (who lives in Oman) absolutely crazy begging us to finance a used mac mini so he could prove to us his determination to build the" best apps" for us.......

    So this stranger to us in India is sitting at home ( next to impossible for DHL to find) and the door knocks. The DHL guy has a set of boxes for him. He tells the driver that it is a mistake. The driver confirms the information and tells him no this stuff is for you. It was shipped from Oman. Please sign here.

    My crazy partner sent a complete stranger in India the largest iMac, iPad (really hard to buy in Oman at the time) and an iPod touch. My partner simply changed this guys outlook on life in five minutes. Something about this stranger was worth the risk. I am crazy as they get but sending a stranger this type of equipment would have even exceeded my levels of insanity.

    So now we have a one man app machine( part owner and on salary) fully equipped with the best technology building apps for iLifeTouch in Calcutta.

    I think this is what they call a "Global Economy".
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    May 14, 2009
    Wow, that's really a strange, but interesting story.
  3. HeshamAmiri

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    Aug 19, 2010
    You never know, you guys changed his life and maybe he will change yours
  4. minyx

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    Oct 15, 2010
    Nice pr story. I guess it would be a hit on reddit or something :)
  5. Syndicated Puzzles

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    Hesham he already has! Our first app is very impressive. YOU is a universal app that will really help people organize their lives. It is amazing how some people are able to spill over their energy on to others, this kid is the best I have ever meet. Giving someone with this type of energy the right tools and the personal creative space to develop can only produce great results.
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    I need to meet more people like that! I have tons of energy but I'm not the programming half of the business :mad:
  7. Syndicated Puzzles

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    I guess we are all like burning candles! Light both ends and the wax needs to replenish it
    self somehow? People that can make wax out of thin air tend to be very energetic.
  8. madmud101

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    Dec 30, 2009
    Great story! Very interesting.
  9. Lonan

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    Dec 9, 2009
    Good read. Lots of people out there that can accomplish so much with just a little help.
  10. drelbs

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    Jun 25, 2009
    Nice story, thanks for sharing.

    Good way to help the world's MIN/MAX (or whatever you want to call it.)
  11. smuttlegiaco

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Game Designer
    i like this story. it shows that trusting in other people (even strangers) can be very rewarding.
  12. BravadoWaffle

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    Sep 25, 2010
    Game Designer
    While trusting in other people can be very rewarding, it's good to be cautious, especially when it comes to dealing with people via the internet. The story that was mentioned is also a relatively common scam pulled by many a foreign contractor. They do good work for a bit then ask for a large chunk of cash up front for an emergency or to finance a new computer, and then disappear and you never hear from them again.

    I'm glad it worked out for you guys, I can say from personal experience and from the experiences of quite a few others, it doesn't always end happy.

    Use common sense when working with anybody, especially when its via the internet and you don't know them personally or have any personal contact with them.
  13. Syndicated Puzzles

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    Agreed 100%. It is very risky business. One thing that is really important is to present a business agreement that is beneficial to all parties. We really got lucky and made a good judgement call on character alone.

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