Strange RPG request - (Need suggestions!!)

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Spiral75, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Spiral75

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    okay SO. I am looking for an RPG. I have tried hundreds. Here is the thing....I play on an iPad Mini Retina. I want something similar to a Zenoia or a Inotia (as opposed to the Aralon type games) BUT, I want something with larger character models and a more hi rez look. So basically a modern looking final fantasy type game. Any suggestions?
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    Feb 6, 2010
    Have you tried any of the Kemco titles such as Asdivine Hearts? That one made Shaun's best of 2014 list on the front page.
  3. Spiral75

    Spiral75 Well-Known Member

    Ya i just deleted it lol. Wasnt bad but i am looking for more of an HD / modern look to an old school type RPG
  4. Exact-Psience

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    Your descriptions confuse me. Similar to Zenonia or Inotia, like a modern final fantasy type game?

    Anyways have you tried Chaos Rings titles? These are similar to Final Fantasy titles, and the visuals are more akin to Final Fantasy 8.

    As for KRPGs (similar to Zenonia and Inotia), i've pretty much lost hope in them coz every title released now is just crappy freemium that requires IAP to move forward. And i dont think i've seen any new ones with high-style graphics as most are pixel art or something retro.
  5. Hambo12

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    Same. But have you tried the world II Hunting boss? It's looks good and you just hack and slash big bosses all day like Zenonia minus the grinding
  6. Shaun Musgrave

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    How about the Across Age games?
  7. Echoen

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    May 16, 2012
    Chaos Rings has to be your best option for the time being if you want a Final Fantasy style game with modern graphics. But you also mentioned Zenonia and Inotia where you play a single character and games like that nowadays are all freemium and require internet.

    What do you think of that game on the front page Jared posted? Taichi Panda seems to fit your visual requirements but I highly doubt it'll have an FF or even Kemco level of story.

    As Shaun suggested, Across Age is also pretty decent following the gameplay of Zenonia. That's unless it's already one of the hundreds of games you've tried. ;)

    Personally, all I'm really waiting for is this:

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