Stranded Without A Phone HD

This is the iPad-native "HD" version of "Stranded Without A Phone", the popular desert island surviv…
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This is the iPad-native "HD" version of "Stranded Without A Phone", the popular desert island survival game for the iPhone.

You must use your survival skills to stay alive long enough to get rescued. Build shelter, find food and drink, and collect salvageable parts from the wreckage that wash ashore. Use the parts to build a space radio and call for a rescue team to win the game.

Search for natural resources, then use them to create other items using various combinations.

- Familiar RPG-style inventory system.
- Over 70 different items.
- Randomly generated map with each new game.
- Day/night cycle.
- Boar hunting & trapping.

Note: Any reviewers that say the game is a waste because you die before you can do anything are lacking creativity. The game doesn't play itself. If you do nothing but walk around, you will die around day 4. That's 4 days to find some basic food and drink.

*** iPhone Version Reviews ***
Stranded is a well designed, fresh take on the iPhone RPG genre.
- The iPhone App Review

Overall I'm having fun with this game and am impressed with the whole setup/gameplay. Graphics and sounds are good enough. Presentation is decent. The game is interesting. A worthwhile game. For , I recommend it, I give it an 8/10.
- touchArcade

Stranded is a unique addition the offerings in the App Store... The game's excellent graphics and sounds are noteworthy, and the controls are easy and intuitive to use.
- Game Itch

*** Hints ***
-Search dirt areas for small boulders to build a fire pit.
-Use coconuts as an immediate source of nutrition and hydration, but also find fish in shallow water.
-Boar meat provides the best nutrition and health.
-Search beaches often for useful items from the shipwreck.
Genre:Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Oct 05, 2010
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