Universal Stranded Escape Skull Cove - Coming soon!

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    Stranded Escape Skull Cove


    Join the young adventurers Tom & Jen in a brand new adventure out on the tropical islands off the coast of Ascencion Island.

    They begin the adventure taking a private flight over the islands but things quickly descend out of control!

    Can you help Tom & Jen unravel the puzzles of Skull Cove island they find themselves stranded on? Immerse yourself taking in the sights and sounds of Skull Cove. Collect tools and solve puzzles to find a way off the island.

    Easy to play - A challenge to solve!
    Get sucked into the super graphics and a captivating soundstrack
    Escape to another world and solve a grand mystery!

    Coming to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch this August 2015!

    Thanks for looking!

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