Stolen icons, everywhere!

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by Greyskull, Sep 30, 2012.

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    You know what I mean. There are countless apps released every month that steal other apps' icons pixel-per-pixel, and some that, maybe, copy an icon but change the color scheme a tad. This has really started to piss me off. I see icons of not just big name games stolen anymore, but even relatively obscure titles (perhaps moreso, given the greater chance of getting away with this).

    Not only is this theft and laziness, it can also sow confusion amongst potential customers, degrading the trust they (we) have in the AppStore.

    I know piracy is discussed more on this forum, but the theft I'm referring to is becoming more and more common, and nothing will change if it isn't reported. It can be difficult to tell if it is an actual copy sometimes, due to the purchase of apps by other publishers, who then reskin them (see Lola apps, or loli apps...I know they have a legit version of Fling It! with their company badge placed around the original icon).

    I'm not even an active developer, but I figured this was the best place to rant. Please report to Apple obvious cases of icon theft. I don't know if they will follow up...I never submitted an app to the store, just ad-hoc installed a couple apps I built for myself.

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