Stick and Trollface

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    Stickman and troll
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    You have to play a game about a funny stickman and troll. Your task is to laugh and stick to troll laughed. You have to think, to be careful to understand what to do in a given situation and where to press to win.
    You will find many different levels with a nice painted graphics and beautiful music. Playing like people of all ages and types.
    The levels you can meet familiar characters. These wonderful moments will give you nostalgic about the last years of your life. The game has a little secret scenes on the theme for the society.
    In this game, you see the birds, a dinosaur that lives deep underground. You will see the famous grunge musician nineties. Another will see a modern society that depends on information technology (gadgets). Also be able to see the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and parallel worlds.
    Christmas and summer location will delight you.
    Interesting adventure awaits you!
    If the game will steadily gain setting, I will release new levels of fun.
    The game is free.
    Playing the game with advertising, some of the money from the advertising will go to help orphans.

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