Stealers Steal Contest Preparation - $200 total in prizes

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    Nov 19, 2014
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    Hi everyone,

    We will be organizing a contest soon where the top 5 players who retire with the most gold in Stealers Steal are rewarded.

    The planned prizes are as follows:

    1st: $100
    2nd: $50
    3rd: $25
    4th: $15
    5th: $10

    However, in order to provide the best competition environment, we would like some ideas on how to solve some issues:

    - How to make sure that the players with a Game Center nickname in the top 5 are really who they claim to be ?

    - What would be the best way to deliver payments and how to reassure players that they will be rewarded ?

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and helping us organize this contest.
    On behalf of the Outshine team
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    Jun 8, 2011
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    1)Have them add you as a friend in Game Center as part of the way to enter, that way you can confirm who's who

    2)PayPal might be the best option as payment, but as far as reassurances there are none unless you've been a long standing member and held contests like this before. And then there's still a chance that winners will not get paid
  3. Mess

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    Jul 17, 2013
    Usually best way to offer payments is iTunes or PayPal. As for giving some gaurantee, the best way is having a reputation for delivering prizes, which is a bit hard if this is your first comp.
    One suggestion would be to run a couple of smaller comps to build up a rep for paying out, before doing a big one.

    As for confirming that people are who they say they are, that's a bit more tricky. The comps I have been in have generally been done in good faith/trusting the entrants. Usually we would just reply with the high score, and the GC name. Thinking about it, when you look at the GC leaderboards, if you are looking at your own score is says 'mine' not the name. That could give some extra confirmation...
  4. younesouhbi

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    Nov 19, 2014
    @dreadnok: Great ideas. I figured there would be a website that helps organizing prized events for a fee where the organizer would pay in advance. This would reassure participants. It seems like a viable business and there should be one but I could not find it.

    @Mess: Thanks. I'm all for good faith but let's be honest, once the prize goes up, you run the chance of having someone trying to take the prize from someone else. It's not really a problem for the organizer because the money will be paid anyway. I believe this is a matter of fairness (everyone gets what they deserve) not one of trust.

    Thank You

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