Starship Survivor

Brainium Studios LLC
Starship Survivor by Brainium is a thrilling new rogue-lite shoot ‘em up game! Experience the action as you battle horde…
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Starship Survivor by Brainium is a thrilling new rogue-lite shoot ‘em up game! Experience the action as you battle hordes of alien monsters that are terrorizing the universe. From the moment your ship leaves the Hangar it is a race against time to defeat enemies and collect all of the resources you can before the indestructible Void Monsters arrive. Collect power crystals to level-up an arsenal of automated weapons to survive waves of vicious alien enemies. There is nowhere to hide; the only option is to charge your starship’s Jump Drive enough to escape the onslaught of dangerous monsters. Use coins to unlock weapons, items, and permanent upgrades that will help you complete objectives and survive against increasingly powerful and multiplying enemy invaders in sectors to come. Starship Survivor is a galactic time survival game with the best virtual joystick ever created! Enjoy retro space shooter elements, intuitive controls, unique gameplay, and increasingly powerful enemy invaders that will put your skills to the test. See how long you can collect, destroy, power-up, and survive. Play for free today! Starship Survivor by Brainium Features: - No loading screens so you can jump right into the action - Free and fun-forward gameplay! No forced ads, pay-to-play, or disruptions from the fun - Internet not required! Enjoy offline or in airplane mode - Unlock powerful new weapons and features using coins - Upgrade your ship’s weapons, speed, and health! - Challenging game play with increasingly difficult and multiplying enemies in each sector - Progress tracking to unlock achievements, hit your objectives, and track in-app game statistics - Context sensitive hints and information from the Star General to help guide you - Incredible synthwave soundtrack featuring music by Mega Drive Brainium has been producing world class card games, logic puzzles and adventure games for over a decade. Our focus is to provide players with games that are visually stunning, easy to use, and incredibly fun to play. Download Starship Survivor by Brainium today. For news and updates on Brainium games: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter/IG @BrainiumStudios Visit us on the web
Seller:Brainium Studios LLC
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Jun 02, 2023
Updated:Jun 02, 2023
Size:331.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal