Starry Sky.

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Free for 3 days from 2013/01/14 to 2013/01/17
To celebrate our new app "AZAN - Islamic Pray Time, Qibla Compass, Islamic Calendar, Pray Diary and more!" release on App Store

Have you ever laid down in a field of grass and counted the stars with someone you love?
Starry Sky is a 3D puzzle game with stunning graphics. Have a good rest, train your right brain and learn awesome things!

★It’s not just a game★
-Starry Sky is an interactive encyclopedia which has condensed the essence of human civilization. Learning by playing is a joyful thing for everyone!

-It’s a beautiful star clock

-We offer you a change to become a star image show on the sky, just like the celebrities we collected in the game. (follow us on facebook to find out more)

-It lets you fully relax, but by playing it you can train your right brain

-It’s a quiet and peace game, when the first time you turn the game on, you’ll feel the power of quiet and peace!

-If App Store was a beverage stores, Starry Sky must be a cool and sweat mineral water for you in the summer

-It’s a bedtime game for you, leads you to an imaginary world!

★A Brand New Way To Play With Stars★
-More than 300 levels
-Mini puzzles and mini game
-Fantastic hand-draw constellation pictures
-Wiki links for all the pictures (internet connection required)
-Cool star clocks

★Discover Hidden Constellations & Stars★
In the deep blue universe, stars nebulas and cosmic rays are all over the place, it’s a little bit mess. But many beautiful constellations, images and precious stars are hidden! When you look at the sky from a different angel (Slide the screen to rotate the sky), you will find them.

★The Best Way to Relax★
Unlike other game, “Starry Sky” doesn’t challenge your logical thinking, thus, while play this game, your left brain will get a good rest.

Left brain is in charge of logical thinking, reasoning, reading, ordering things, language, analysis, etc. When you work, your left brain works very fast. So when you have a break, let your left brain rest well.

★Develop Your Right Brain★
“Starry Sky” is a purely graphical puzzle, to solve the levels, you need to use your imagination, sense of space, creative thinking, judgment, instinct and even predictive power. And by using these abilities, your right brain will be stronger and stronger. A good right brain will make you smarter than others.

★Learning By Playing★
Starry Sky is a great game for all ages. We featured 300 must know things in the world, draw star images for them and make them 3D puzzles. Besides, these 300 must know things are the most representative things of 8 categories: Arts, Architecture, 88 Constellations, Celebrities, Mythology, Far East Cultures, Plants and Animals. There is a Wikipedia link for every image or constellation you work out. You and your kids can learn by playing.

★Amazing Star Clock★
Some developers sell clock for

Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.

Sequel to the Apple Game of the Year 2014, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand new adventure set in a beautiful and impossible world. Help Ro as she teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way.


A STANDALONE ADVENTURE A completely new story from the Monument Valley universe. You don’t need to have previously played Monument Valley to enjoy Monument Valley 2.

INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED PUZZLES Enjoy beautiful levels filled with illusory, meditative puzzles, using brand new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters.

CONTEMPORARY VISUALS Artwork inspired by an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, artistic movements and personal influences, each translated into stunning geometric structures.

BEAUTIFUL AUDIO Immerse yourself in uniquely melodic interactive soundscapes, tailored perfectly to every step of Ro and her child’s journey.


Monument Valley 2 is only compatible with devices running iOS 9 or later.

.99, and we give you a brilliant star clock for free! It has 4 analog modes and digital modes.

★In The Next Update★
-The number of levels will be increased to 400.
-Brand new gameplay that you never see
-More mini games
-More star clocks will be added
-You can use your own music for the gameplay and star clocks
-Post your portrait to us, and you have a change to become a level in the new theme – “Hall of Fame”. visit our facebook page to read more
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