StarPaint2 - Pirate Attack.

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    StarPaint 2 for those who dont know the original StarPaint, Each level in Star Paint is dynamically created, offering a new puzzle each time you play. Stars will appear on the screen, with lines connecting each one. Move the stars until none of the lines are crossing to clear the level. Sound easy? Watch your time, because if you take too long, it's game over.
    What they say in original StarPaint :

    "This is already one of my favorites."

    "It's a kind of game you won't stop!"

    "Sounds easier than it actually is. Lots of fun!"

    "I love the game, and will be playing it for some time."

    "Great implementation of a classic logic game."

    In the new version we redo the graphic completely with new sound.Plus we added two more game play mode: Physics, Double to make the game more fun to play with.


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    This looks like fun!
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    A very imaginative setting, an unlikely character combination, and what looks to be some interesting gameplay. Seems like a contender. ;)
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    It's actually one of the character in our next released game. :D
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    StarPaint2 has submitted to appstore for reviews

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