Starlight Tactics

Escape Hatch Entertainment, LLC
LISTED AS A BEST NEW GAME IN 92 COUNTRIES! One price buys full app, no in-app purchases, no advertising. NOTE: not su…
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LISTED AS A BEST NEW GAME IN 92 COUNTRIES! One price buys full app, no in-app purchases, no advertising. NOTE: not supported for iPod Touch (5th generation) and iPad Mini (1st Generation) Users: please do not update to this version. "Better Graphics" in the Options Menu will keep the game from crashing on lower memory devices. One hundred years from tomorrow...World War IV has started! Will you join the United Star Force to defend Earth and its colonies from the relentless attacks of the Non-Aligned Nations? Or will you assume the role of commander in the NAN, striking at our Star System to gain dominance over the most powerful military organization in history? Do you have what it takes to command an advanced space fleet in the greatest conflict humankind has ever known? With over sixty starships with customizable weapons and defenses available to you, can you take the fight to the enemy and control the Star System? STARLIGHT TACTICS is a full 3D turn-based tactical space combat experience. PROTECT THE SKY! Key Features: Full 3D Turn-Based Tactical Combat Ever wanted to feel like you were really in space making strategic decisions that control the life and death of your fleet? Control the heading (yaw), pitch and roll of massive starships as you stategize your next move in a fight amongst the planets and moons of our star system. Intense Single Player USF Campaign Play through one hundred missions of two exciting and immersive single player campaigns as you fight amongst beautifully rendered planets in our star system. Freeplay Skirmish Mode Brush up on your tactical skills as you play against the AI or a human opponent (shared mouse and screen experience). You own your fleet Be careful not to scratch the paint on your space fleet! Destroyers, Stealth Ships, Littoral Combat Ships, Cruisers and Carriers all persist from mission to mission in a SpaceDock where you requisition, inspect, repair, upgrade and decommission your forces. Physics come into play Ships are hit by weapons and go into a roll. Plasma weapons impact asteroids and send them hurling off toward enemy ships. Ships can ram each other and cause catastrophic damage. Soundtrack by David Arkenstone David Arkenstone, three time Grammy nominee and composer of music for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm brings his sensational talent to bear on Starlight Tactics, with musical themes to accompany every battle. Quotes from Beta Testers: "In terms of turn based tactics this is very unique. This is the first one of its kind to use 3 dimensions that I know of for movement and placement, and it works and functions very well. In fact this is the only true 3d strategy space game that I can think of since Homeworld movement-wise." "The details are great, especially with the battle. Keep up the good work!" "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that I can ram, and/or fire upon my fellow ship(s) if I am not careful." "The concept of the game is great." "Saw you guys at PAX...lots of cool details and a great simulation of 3D space combat."
Seller:Escape Hatch Entertainment, LLC
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:May 27, 2015
Updated:Sep 21, 2017
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