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"Stratosfall has to be one of the best TD games I have ever played. It mixes traditional TD gameplay with a fantastic fu…
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"Stratosfall has to be one of the best TD games I have ever played. It mixes traditional TD gameplay with a fantastic futuristic fusion of gunnery, power-ups and lightning fast action set in a sci fi universe." -- ## USA Top 20, Top 20 Grossing, NEW & NOTEWORTHY, WHAT'S HOT, WHAT WE'RE PLAYING -- Thanks Everyone! ## "This is mobile gaming done right, with as much care put into its development as is seen in games for home consoles. Welcome to the new standard of mobile gaming." 9.5/10 Stratosfall is an epic experience loaded with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. Build your base, research technology, and repel the enemy onslaught. "Best TD game on the iOS platform..." -- Mark Freeman, 5 Stars. "This one does [it], as there simply isn't any weak point. Every good TD game has a slight lacking somewhere, be it too few towers, lack of depth, not enough maps, low charm etc. Here, you get polish in pretty much every aspect, the graphics, controls, longevity and variety." -- Smartbomb, forums "Stratosfall is beautifully presented...and runs as smoothly as polished silver." -- Features: - Liquid smooth graphics and animation - Amazing sound track and effects - No load times anywhere in the game - Real-time dynamic tweened pathfinding - Smooth user-friendly multi-touch interface - Fans of the genre will marvel at this game - Tons of research, technology, structures, and unlocks - True to core gameplay but extends in many ways - A large campaign and lots of maps to choose from - A variety of enemies and bosses - Interactive tutorial level - Loaded with content & depth - Starfall is OpenFeint enabled - Online leaderboards & Achievements We've attempted to nail every aspect game design: Gameplay, Visuals & Animation, Simplicity, Depth, Online Features, Sound & Music. Let us know what you think!
Seller:Neverbyte LLC
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Sep 24, 2010
Updated:Oct 12, 2018
Size:30.7 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal