Android Stardust, challenging 2d endless [FREE]

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    Sep 20, 2021
    Stardust it's a challenging, beautiful endless runner where you are a cute little star who dreams of becoming a shooting star. Flying and dashing help them feel like so. You can't control the jump direction!

    Download on Google Play

    Short gameplay video 1
    Short gameplay video 2

    photo_2021-09-22_12-08-09.jpg 1.PNG 2.jpg Screenshot_2021-07-13-12-20-41-252_com.miui.videoplayer.jpg

    Core mechanics:

    Tap to jump. Every time you jump the direction will change between left and right. This makes it hard to control at the beginning but also very addicting. You can also hold to lengthen the jump (flying).

    Swipe to dash. As an alternative to uncontrollable jumps you will often need dashes.

    Stardust bar. The star uses Stardust to jump, fly and dash and constantly need to pick Startips on the go to refill it.

    This are the core mechanics but the game has much more depth than this like power-ups, game modes, combos, bonuses, skins, upgrades shop, etc.

    More clips on my TikTok page.

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