Star Van?

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    Star Trek Shuttle Craft aka Mits Mini-Van - $999

    Well, if you squint your eyes a little I think it looks like the Shuttle Craft from the Enterprise. Don't worry, no tribbles on board.
    Tractor beam is not operational but everything else works great. Only 161,300 light years on the odometer.
    Automatic Transmission & Four Cylinder Engine will get you well over 30 miles per gallon - even more on dilithium crystals!
    Has a huge sunroof to fire phasors out of when some moron cuts you off on 101.
    All factory options such as air conditioning, stereo, power everything, cruise control, automatic pilot, photon torpedos functioning like the day it left the Star Fleet Hdqs.
    Check out the seating in the back - rear facing seats - just like a Private Jet. Too Cool!
    All those earthly things are in order...................Emissions, Clean Title, Current Century Registration, etc.
    If you want to stand out from other earthlings like a Vulcan at a Klingon Convention then this is the space ship for you.
    Email me your phone number via transponder or just beam your particles over to 5690 Old Redwood Highway in Santa Rosa.
    Live Long & Prosper, Kirk out.



    I thought it was funny
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    Dec 4, 2008
    Lol, thats awesome.

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