Star Ride Free

Star Ride Free is the free complete version of Star Ride.
This version contains advertising banners to support the…
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Star Ride Free is the free complete version of Star Ride.
This version contains advertising banners to support the development.


- Added OpenFeint support for Achievements and leaderboards

- Added Facebook support

- Star Ride made it into the Top10 essential iPhone games of the summer.


"Star Ride is a fun and rewarding game with a unique style and appearance. The hand drawn graphics are high quality and give the game loads of charm. The sounds are captivating and soothing. With all the cookie cutter Apps in the Store, Star Ride is a nice burst of fresh energy. If you like carefully crafted games with nice feel and pick up and play ability, Star Ride is a must have."
"A gently soothing oddity which requires you to propel a hand-drawn character into the night sky by leaping from star to star. The synth-laden music and twinkling sound effects lull you into an almost hypnotic state. Perfect for stressful commutes"
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"soothing sounds, impressive visuals, and an overall artistic feel. This provides an overall mellow and peaceful experience that isn’t found in other similar games."

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"The game really feels like a unique experience when you can propel yourself from one star into the next, and so on. If you can get lucky and land at least five in a row to keep going directly up, the sounds of hitting the stars almost feels like it’s making a song."


Star Ride is an ability based game where you control the flight of your character, up to the highest point in the sky, jumping from star to star.
Every star you hit will make you fly higher and will increase your score. Take the blue stars to increase your score multiplier.

It's very easy to pick up and play, making it the perfect kind of game for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Its hand drawn graphics and an its original music contribute to create a surreal and unique atmosphere.

To play, move the character horizontally with your finger, double tap the screen and jump on the first star, then follow the other falling stars to fly as high as possible. To pause the game and go back to the main menu, tap the screen with two fingers.


- Charming atmosphere
- Old school gameplay
- Facebook support
- global leaderboards
- Original soundtrack
- iPod support
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Dec 04, 2009
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Compatibility:HD Universal