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    Aug 17, 2014
    Hello people!

    Today, we have released Star Path, a game that mixes pseudo puzzle gameplay with space shoot'em up boss battles. Give it a try!

    App Store URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id951466135?mt=8
    Website: dyagames.com

    We wanted to mix slow-paced and fast-paced arcade gameplay. In the first part of each stage you'll have to open a path through a wave of aliens. The last explosion of each combo will crystallize surrounding aliens, so you should think about the propagation of the combo before shooting or you'll be stuck. After the wave of aliens, you'll face a boss in a shoot'em up style fight. It's not a danmaku bullet hell, nor easy.

    When an alien explodes, it turns into a gem. You can collect gems to buy new spaceships. Each spaceship has a special feature that will help you fight and defeat bosses. Also, there is a ship that works as a "gem doubler".

    You'll enjoy quite a retro flavor. The music was made by our beloved composer MovieMovies1 using VOPM plugin (an FM synth that simulates the YM2151 sound chip). We think it's fantastic. You'll enjoy the final battle, if you ever get that far in the game.

    The game is Free with Ads. Free because we want everyone to try it and get feedback. With ads because we need to monetize it in order to keep making stuff. Also, we have implemented some optional non agressive Freemium features via IAP, like turning the game into a Premium experience, unlock all spaceships, get more gems, etc. IAPs are completely optional and not necessary to beat the game.

    Star Path has been designed for iOS touch screens, we think it plays well. If you find any bug, let us know. Also, let us know if you ever beat the game.

    The game is hard the first time. Don't give up.



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