Star Nomad Elite

Anh Huy Phan
IMPORTANT: Designed *ONLY* for the bigger screens on iPhone 6/Plus and iPads with Retina Displays. Star Nomad Elite is…
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IMPORTANT: Designed *ONLY* for the bigger screens on iPhone 6/Plus and iPads with Retina Displays. Star Nomad Elite is a top-down 2D sandbox space-adventure-sim. It was created as an arcade tribute to classic spacesims of old such as Elite, Wing Commander Privateer, Escape Velocity and Freelancer. If you are a fan of these games, then you're in for a nostalgic ride! "The touch interface is so good... Combat is harrowing and rewards you for being able to evade enemy fire." - 4/5 TouchArcade "It feels like a populated world and in someways borderline MMO" - IndieGameMag [FEATURES] * Simple one-touch intuitive UI, no digital joysticks, just smooth easy flight & fight with one-touch! * Be a Cargo runner. * Be a Mercenary unleashing firepower for wealth! * Be a Miner seeking rare ores. * Be a Merchant trading in goods! * Be a Smuggler dealing in lucrative drugs & evade the law! * Be a Pirate attacking merchant ships, become infamous & fight for anarchy! * Join huge multi-faction Fleet Battles! * Dynamic faction standing system, where your actions will determine friends or foes. * Multiple ship classes to fly, including drone carriers & the mighty Yamato Battleship! * All ships are up-gradable with modules. In Star Nomad, you roam free in the Wildlands Sector immersed in a sci-fi noir setting rich in depth and humor. While a sandbox at heart, it's also story driven with a personal plot inspired by classic sci-fi/cyberpunk such as Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic & Gundam that puts you right in the pilot seat to determine the outcome of an escalating corporate war! [Death!] There is no perma-death, but there is a death penalty, so take care! When your ship blows up, the life-pod will be rescued & towed to a safe location. Insurance will payout for ships at most of their Credit value (you lose ~15%). Insurance fully (100%!) covers lost modules. [Factions] Below the Star Map, there's a dynamic faction standing indicator (green = ally, crosshair = enemy). Your actions will change the way the four major factions treat you. Please leave a review or if you like it, share it with your friends! Happy to receive feedback via email ( or twitter @AH_Phan
Seller:Anh Huy Phan
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy, Simulation
Release:Dec 02, 2014
Updated:Oct 31, 2016
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