Universal Star Drop - A Physics-based Puzzler!

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  1. Brute Force Games

    Apr 2, 2015
    Game developer
    Kirkland, WA
    Star Drop is a physics-based puzzler. The objective is to destroy shapes by crashing stars into them. As the game progresses, more complex challenges surface. To overcome these obstacles, the player develops more advanced techniques.


    * Star Drop is all about physics; while sometimes, creating a shockwave of destruction from two colliding stars is necessary, other times all the player needs to win is one well-placed shot
    * The graphics are nostalgically retro yet flashy, with a dynamic background
    * Star Drop’s audio features a catchy, brilliant chiptune-style soundtrack
    * Its level-design was meticulously planned in order to offer the player freedom to get creative with how to succeed, whether by precise skill, speed, or utter obliteration
    * Star Drop is addicting, rewarding, and best of all, totally free to download and face the first 15 challenges

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