Star Crusade™ CCG

War is coming. Dive into fast-paced, strategic battles with countless unique card and deck combinations. Build your deck…
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War is coming. Dive into fast-paced, strategic battles with countless unique card and deck combinations. Build your deck, forge your destiny and shape the fate of the Galaxy! A new faction joins the fray. Take command of the Vraxxian in an all-new update with improved interface, brand-new boosters and spectacular effects. As the galaxy crumbles, whose side will you take? Choose your allegiance from seven unique factions: * The Shan'Ti, who shape genetics into living weapons * The cybernetically augmented Hierarchy and their rigid, cold order * The psychically gifted Annunaki, who are worshipped as gods by their zealous followers * The insidious Consortium, who focus on intrigue and vicious mercenary armies * The brutal, adaptive Hajir-Gog, whose endless tide represents a scourge to galactic civilization * The fearless, battle-hardened Terrans, with their massive weapons of war * The Vraxxian, an all-new faction complete with 50 new cards and modules Star Crusade™ CCG Features: UNLIMITED STRATEGY: - Customize the size of your deck for the best odds - Personalize your starting strength - Choose a commander and unleash powerful, unique abilities - Craft a killer deck from 500+ available cards EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER: - Play immediately and practice your strategies in Casual mode - Conquer the Galaxy in Raid mode - Hone your skills in the competitive multiplayer Ranked mode VARIED AND CHALLENGING MISSIONS: - Embark on intense tactical missions across the sector - Take on new events that bring life to the game world and flesh out your experience - Earn rewards for your victories PLAY ANYWHERE: - Fully cross-platform, real-time gameplay - Bring your card collection with you from iOS to PC and vice versa RICH SCI-FI UNIVERSE: - Take command of one of the seven factions vying for supremacy in an unclaimed exotic sector of space - Discover the history of Star Crusade through beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations - Learn more about the deep and complex universe through lore and events hidden throughout the game COMMUNITY POWERED: - Experience thoughtful gameplay from a passionate team of CCG players - Join a community-centered, ever-evolving game world centered on interesting player choices - Submit your ideas, feedback or suggestions – we’re always glad to hear from you! ALL NEW EFFECTS AND INTERFACE: - Explore an improved user interface complete with reworked home screen and stunning effects Experience the ultimate tactical CCG, with millions of possible card combinations and a rich universe of lore to uncover. Download now and join the Star Crusade!
Genre:Card, Strategy
Release:Sep 08, 2016
Updated:Sep 14, 2017
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