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Come and play a puzzle match 3 game like no other with Sproutle! Step into the shoes of Daisy and go on a matching adven…
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Come and play a puzzle match 3 game like no other with Sproutle! Step into the shoes of Daisy and go on a matching adventure. Collect cute pets called Sproutles, play with fairies, crush darklings, and match candy jewels. All in a day’s work in Sproutle, a fantasy block puzzle game that is sure to grow on you! Puzzle through a mountain of unique levels, with each chapter bringing new pets to unlock and puzzles to solve. Find Sproutles in their own unique home and help them reach their true potential. Raise your cute virtual pets with tender loving care and use their skills to help you solve any puzzle you unearth. FUN MATCH-3 PUZZLE GAMES ● Move Daisy around and match colorful charms along the way using a unique swapping mechanic. ● Bring Sproutles, your neopets with unique abilities. Build your team and face the crazy block puzzle challenges together. ● Make amazing patterns and wield the power of fairies to help you blow away any obstacles. ● Defeat the dastardly darklings and get to the bottom of the threat that looms upon your world. ● Clear out canals and grow plants like buds, beanstalks, spring leaves and many more. ● Play challenging puzzle design that will tease your brain. CUTE PETS TO CARE FOR ● Meet Hopton, a cute ball of fur whose luck is only matched by his love for fun. ● Solve puzzles with Wispurr, a mischievous cat who uses his gliding ability to surprise his friends. ● Travel with Mayshell, the shy songstress whose enchanting voice soothes all who hear it. ● Collect adorable Sproutle pets that you can bring into your puzzle boards. ● Level up your bunny, kitty, dragons and all your mini pets. Feed, play, and journey with them. ● Design and renovate their magical garden homes. A WELL-CRAFTED TALE ● Join Daisy and her pets in their quest to find her mentor and stop the rising tide of darklings. ● Encounter a myriad of characters that have their own lessons to impart on Daisy. ● An epic tale of following the right path, even when it's the most difficult one. It’s time to plant your seeds, collect your friends, and go on an epic adventure and become one with nature. Download Sproutle and embark on your journey today! Want to get to know all of our mobile games? Twitter: @MonstronautsInc Facebook: https://facebook.com/monstronauts Instagram: https://instagram.com/monstronauts Discord: https://discord.gg/monstronauts IMPORTANT NOTES: ● You can play Sproutle completely offline, but the game does have a few online features such as daily rewards, online leaderboards, and cloud saving, that require internet access in order to function correctly. ● Sproutle is a free to download matching game and is completely free to play, but optional items for the game can be purchased using real money. You can disable this feature in your mobile device’s settings.
Seller:Monstronauts Inc.
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Nov 09, 2021
Updated:Mar 29, 2022
Size:280.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal