iPad Sprint: Challenge by Lamagama Entertainment for only 0.99$

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    Lamagama Entertainment presents the game that will keep you playing over and over again!

    Prepare yourself for an impossible run with overwhelming attacks of bad ninjas against our little samurai hero!

    Survive as long as possible by dodging sais, ninja stars, fires, traps and even bombs thrown by ninjas.

    Don’t miss the Power-Ups sent by DragonGod to support you!

    We challenge you to be the best samurai!

    No one said that being a samurai will be easy!

    Sprint: Challenge is compatible with iPod 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.

    These are the basic ways to dodge the obstacles in Sprint: Challenge ==> Jump and Slide



    Ninjas who oppose our beloved samurai may also throw bombs at him occasionally. These images show how to escape from being bombed: Swipe and Dodge



    Luckily our little samurai is not without help in this endless run. DragonGod sends him Power-Ups to ease his journey. As an example:


    After a long hard work, Sprint is now available on the AppStore. We sincerely hope that you'll like it!

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