iPad Splat Lite is out..

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    Splat Lite is a free version of the top rated game Splat...

    Splat is a shooter where your actions paint the background! Each vanquished enemy leaves a small splat of paint behind, which build up to create your own piece of art. Splat features 21 upgrades for your ship, local and global high scores, multiple difficulty levels, multiple game play modes, an adaptive music system, instant save and continue, and intense game play.

    The Lite version features the Time Trial mode of the game. The unlimited time modes are only available in the full version.

    Because the screen shot don't do it justice, here's a youtube video of it in action:


    Splat appeals to fans of Geometry Wars, Smash TV, iDracula, Blue's Defense/Attack and other intense shooters.

    "This is a fun and colorful game that will keep you entertained for hours. If you like classic shooter games, this one is for you."
    - appchatter.com

    "Without a doubt, our AppSmile favorite feature is the reactive soundtrack! This is awesome!
    5/5 dimples"
    - appsmile.com

    "Top 10 Paid apps"
    - crazymikesapps.com

    itunes link

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