iPad Splashy Bucket - Simple and Challenging

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    Nov 27, 2014
    Hi there folks,

    I've recently gotten my first game up on the app store and I am looking for some feedback on it. So if you've got some constructive criticism, I would love to hear it.

    You can download it here


    You can download it here

    Have you ever wanted to catch a bunch of rain in a bucket? No? Wrong answer! You actually really do want do that! Splashy Bucket will allow you to fulfill your minutes long dream of catching droplets in a bucket, all without you leaving the comfort of your own... wherever you happen to be right now.

    Use your mighty powers of agility and screen tapping to collect the rain drops and also avoid getting crushed by an ever increasing torrent of rage filled icicles. If you show particular promise in moisture collection, you may even be awarded various sticks of excellence; icons of extreme prowess and skill.

    Splashy Bucket features Game Centre integration so you can show all your friends how much more fulfilled your rain drop related dreams are than theirs. TAKE THAT, FRIENDS!

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