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    Nov 12, 2019
    Hey guys,
    Please check our popular email app. We are considering to initiate reviews contest. Will you agree to support and participate? (checking the appetite :))



    Spike is everything you need to communicate and collaborate in 1 unified workspace. It brings your email, group chat, team collaboration, tasks, calendars, and calls, into a single app. Spike’s Conversational email turns your existing email into chat-form, eliminating repeating headers, signatures, and threads, so you can focus on what matters.

    Whether you have one, two, or more email identities, Spike takes all your inboxes and puts them into one easy-to-use app so you can manage them all in one place. Its Priority Inbox puts your priority contacts and important messages at the forefront while placing non-essential and low priority messages like newsletters and promotions in the “Other” inbox, so you can get to it later.

    The app even boasts seamless Cloud integration, visual file management, an integrated calendar, Groups, and super stealth encryption. You will never need to download another app to stay in touch ever again!
    Spike works seamlessly with your existing email account (O365, G-suite, and IMAP) on iOS, Android Mac, Windows PC and web browser.

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