Out Now Spelldrifter (by Free Range Games)

Discussion in 'Apple Arcade' started by Boardumb, Sep 18, 2019.

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    This is another pleasant tactical rpg surprise for me from the current AppleArcade lineup. There is actually a nice handful of these tactical sort of games available which justifies for me the monthly subscription.
    If you like some heavy guitar then make sure you have the volume turned up when you fire up this baby. :p
    Early impressions at this stage but the production values are quite high and the combat is enjoyable.
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    Jun 23, 2015
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    Some history on this (rather good) game;

    This game was originally Kickstarted on Steam back in 2016 I think. Apparently the game never made it to it’s KS goal and the company put it own funds into getting it released. The game on Steam is called Labyrinth.

    Now here’s an interesting thing - the game was intended to be free to play with online purchases.

    While the game has a Mostly Positive rating on Steam the forum community had some rather negative comments about balance issues and other gameplay annoyances.
    The developer did release some later patches but I feel the damage was done and the game did not sell well enough for the developer to spend anymore resources on.
    September this year the developers officially announced they would not longer be supporting the game.

    Now I have not played Labyrinth so I have no idea about the game, however I have played the first part of the prologue of the iOS Spelldrifter version, and I am really impressed with the quality of the game.

    I am going to try and contact the devs to see exactly how the iOS version is different from the Steam version since it is now not a free to play game and if they intend to support Spelldrifter.
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    This is something I would definitely download but with its huge file size and all the games I already have downloaded it’s on the backburner but I’ll definitely be following comments to see if I need to expedite finding time and space for it.
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    Impressions after a couple of more hours playing (hard to devote more time....too many good AA games to play atm)
    Still no word from the developers.

    So..... there is a four part prologue that introduces you to the five characters available and takes an hour or two to finish.
    This is the tutorial and anyone who plays deck builders or tactical rpg’s will breeze though it. You only get to play one character in each battle in the prologue.
    I am very impressed with the quality of the graphics and the excellent background music with this game btw. It makes spending a fortune on a big iPad Pro almost worthwhile.
    I also tried the game on my iPhone 8 plus and while it is definitely playable I think the game really needs an iPad.

    Once you finish the Prologue you are taken to an overworld map that has three regions. You can only go to one as the other two are currently locked, no doubt as you progress they will open up.
    You now get to look at your deck of 20 cards and a rune slot and you have the option to edit it depending on what cards and runes you get, either from playing the game or buying from a merchant. Gold is used for that and gold is rewarded for successful battles.
    And now you can select three characters to have in your team to play the battles.
    The one thing that is welcome for me is the ability to replay previous battles. This allows you to go back and level up your lower level characters as well as get more gold.
    The one negative I have with the game is I find it is a bit too quick showing the enemies movement stage. You do have the ability to show what did happen by tapping on a button called Show Action Feed which tells you who did what but I would have liked an option to slow down enemies movement. It’s not a game breaker by any means though.

    So far it’s early stages but the different characters and their specific cards makes for a lot of customisation. There are definite synergies between the character cards and abilities that open up a lot of possibilities.

    From what I have played and seen of the size of the overworld map I am guessing there is a lot of game here.

    If I hear from the devs I will post here.

    They never got back to me. Oh well, the game is still pretty good anyways.
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    Oct 5, 2013
    For anyone playing the game, what are your current parties and strategies?

    I am using two fighters and the fire mage. Mostly weapons and pure damage, and I am wondering what I might be missing in terms of synergies between party members. Especially as monsters are getting more powerful in terms of damage and hp.

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