Spell Caster: Puzzle RPG

Dan Wahl
Sharpen your vocabulary and test your language skills at the same time by playing this spelling game with RPG elements. …
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Sharpen your vocabulary and test your language skills at the same time by playing this spelling game with RPG elements. Battle against cool, vicious monsters as you progress further into the dungeon. Words get more and more complex the further you get, making the enemies more and more difficult to defeat. Level up as you progress to give you a fighting chance. Make it to the end to see all of the different enemies and areas. Features: • Word puzzle game with RPG twist • Fight monsters by finding words to progress further into the dungeon • 4 different dungeon areas to explore • 20+ different cool looking enemies • Leveling up system to make you more formidable against your enemies Spell Caster is a unique game featuring word puzzles with engaging RPG elements. Spell quickly, and correctly, under siege from the enemy to make your march towards victory. Use the word tiles at the bottom of the screen to find hidden words to gradually diminish the power of the enemy and progress to the subsequent levels in the game. The game features 20+ enemies and players gain experience points with each monster they defeat. Each new puzzle unlocks the next level leading to more complex word games and better prizes and power. Battles start easy and continue to get complex – but help is at hand in the form of consumables to assist players on their journey through the Spell Caster game. How to play? Start an exciting adventure and fight monsters as you battle your way to subsequent levels in the Spell Caster game. Use the letter tiles at the bottom to spell hidden words correctly. With every correctly-spelt word, the player causes damage to the enemy, until it is killed, and the player moves to the next level with a different enemy and different set of letters. Each slayed monster adds to the experience of the player, increasing their attack power, improving their health, and extending the timer duration for subsequent games. Download Spell Caster today and enrich your vocabulary every day in a fun manner. As most people depend on auto-correct to fix their spellings, this game will sharpen your spelling skills while entertaining your thirst for adventure. Love playing Spell Caster? Rate us or leave us a review! We love hearing from you!
Seller:Dan Wahl
Genre:Role Playing, Word
Release:Aug 09, 2019
Updated:Sep 02, 2019
Size:415.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal