Speed Kittens

Uh oh.... It looks like we're here again. More adorable animals have carelessly let their treasure be stolen away by the…
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Uh oh.... It looks like we're here again. More adorable animals have carelessly let their treasure be stolen away by the bad guys. What should we do? WELL DUH WE NEED TO HELP THEM THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE AWWWWHHHHHHHH!

Speed Kittens is a game of reflexes, aiming, quick thinking, and cute kittens. Zeppelin's have stolen the kitten's milk, and they fly around in the sky clearly out of paw's reach. So the kittens have taken to the skies!


This game gets HARD. Are your cat-like reflexes up to the challenge? Can you dodge like a ninja? How's your aim? Beating this game will require SERIOUS SKILL.


This mode is all about survival. Your abilities will be tested as the zeppelins get faster and the shots get harder. We think that you can last for over 9 minutes. We sure can't.


Speed Kittens is Game Center enabled. Be the best at Level or Endless mode. Prove to the world that you are the TOP MEOW, the best kitten ace around.


I dare you not to fall in love with Big Cat. These kittens are so cute you won't hesitate to help them out. That doesn't mean that you can't crash them into each other though! In fact, we reward you for colliding kittens! Unlock different looks for your kittens including a ZOMBIE KITTEN. Mmmm....fish brains.

Check out some reviews!

"From developer Grey May comes Speed Kittens, one of the cutest and most unique iOS games I’ve played this year."

- Leviathyn

"Honestly, the more I type about this game, the more I feel like I’m trying to sell water to a desert refugee. I mean, did you read those last few sentences? Everything about this game screams “play me and be doused in adorableness.”"

-Gaming Blend

"Relax - the cats knew what they signed up for. These aren't your standard alley cats but fearless felines of the sky, such as R Lion, S Kitten and the highly enthusiastic Big Cat, all of them out to save their milk at any cost."


"Cat lovers rejoice! A top notch game featuring the felines is finally here. Speed Kittens is a fun game that is easy to learn and very addictive."


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Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Oct 04, 2012
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