Spaceman Skip & The Nebublobs

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Get ready to have a blast when you join boy genius Spaceman Skip as he rounds up the energy devouring Nebublobs and send…
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Get ready to have a blast when you join boy genius Spaceman Skip as he rounds up the energy devouring Nebublobs and sends them back to their own galaxy!! Download now to activate your space time-warping wormhole and explore the vast reaches of our Solar System in this action packed space adventure! PAY ONCE & PLAY! 5 Star Rating - "A fun and educational game that will have kids hooked" - 5 Star Fun - "Gorgeous, fun and educational!" - Astronomy loving gang! 5 Star Fun - "Great graphics! Not only do you learn but you don't even know it because you're having so much fun!" - Cellyftb7 Designed by the ANNIE Award nominated and Daytime Emmy Award Winning Production Designer of Titan A.E, Barnyard The Original Party Animals, Back At The Barnyard and Planet Sheen! WARNING: this game is filled with alien monsters, space junk, crazy bosses, epic adventure, a determined boy genius, rogue asteroids, a monkey, an alien bomb and a very large, super big Solar System and all its planets! Use with caution if you don't like heart pounding fun and saving the Solar System! Crazy Fun Features • No in-app purchases! • No in game advertising! • 45 levels of exciting action played across 11 unique destinations! •Race through the canyons of Mars •Speed across the surface of the Moon •Navigate the Rings of Saturn •Survive the icy reaches of Neptune and Uranus •Pause the game to plan your strategy • 3 tiers of difficulty. • Looks amazing –the closest you’ll ever get to actually being in space! • Hours and hours of heart pounding fun! • Capture the Nebublobs or destroy their deadly toxic gas! • The Nebublobs will laugh at you when you die but don’t worry, you have infinite lives! • The higher you go the more challenging the play as you battle Nebublob formations and fearsome Bosses! • 4 epic Boss battles! • In a jam? Use points, not money, to activate special powers. • Earn Bonus Points when you correctly identify the Space Junk. • Unleash awesome special powers when you destroy the Rogue Asteroid! • Use caution when handling the Alien Bomb! • Running low on fuel? Take a chance on the Wheel Of Desperation to earn more. • Knowledge is the key to Skip’s genius. Join him in the in-game Astro Lounge to learn lots of cool facts about our Solar System and earn more optional Bonus Points. • Challenge yourself and your friends to be the best on our in App and web site Leader Boards. • Awesome original music composed by Malachi Bazan of Go For Launch Games, LLC and Revenge of the Platypus! The Serious Stuff • Compatible with iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up, iPad mini and iPod 5 and up. • Precise and intuitive single finger controls. • Note: this is a high memory usage App. If you have performance issues, try closing down background Apps or restarting the device. • The game requires quick reflexes and some strategy
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Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Nov 04, 2014
Updated:Jun 08, 2015
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