Space Speed 3D

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    Jan 20, 2016

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    You have to check out their own reflections in a new arcade space with a magnificent three-dimensional graphics. Perform tasks, collect the chips, dodge the obstacles and get points.

    - There are over 100 levels.
    - You can shoot obstacles.
    - You can also select different chips that give points of life cartridges and magnets.
    1) gives a yellow crystal holder
    2) pink crystal gives life plus
    3) gives the crystal blue magnet that attracts points
    - You can perform tasks in levels and get some extra points.
    - Left button is responsible for the jump.
    - Right-click to shoot.
    - You can change your speed and accelerate.
    - If you bump into an object (and no life), or not going to the correct lane for some time (in some levels), then you lose.
    - The game has a leader board.
    - You can view your statistics.
    - In addition a good accompanying music and special effects.

    Unlike most games of this kind, this is divided into a plurality of individual chapters and levels, each of which you need to get to the finish line. To successfully complete a level, you must using the accelerometer (or buttons as select) to control the unknown hero you and dodge obstacles that appear in your way throughout the gameplay. You must also collect special crystals chips (as previously written), scattered throughout the location, and you'll walk through a huge tunnel and the cosmos. Graphics in the game is bright, dynamic gameplay, and the complexity is increasing and does not get bored.

    Have a good game)

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