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    Hi all,

    We are just about to launch Space Simulator v107. As we head into the final stages of testing we'd like to sign up a few more beta testers for Android to make sure we've got a wide range of devices covered.



    V107 features:
    • full Apollo mission tutorials with step by step in-game instructions
    • new Gemini capsule and missions

    If you have a interest in space flight history and technology and is interested in doing some beta testing for us please PM for further details. In your PM please include a sentence or two about why you'd like to betatest and which device you have.

    Thanks guys!

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    Space Simulator v107

    Thank you to all the beta testers for helping us iron out the last bugs in v107.
    Happy to announce that Space Simulator v107 is now available for all Android users on Google Play!

    Due to popular demand we've added a full set of interactive tutorials for first time users demonstrating the basic principals of orbital flight.

    Also included is the Gemini capsule and related missions.

    This version is a lot more stable than the previous ones so let's hope we can get some mileage out of this one.


    And as always, all comments and feedback welcome.
    Thank you!

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