Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti

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    Hi Everyone,

    We're the makers of [thread=60371]"Ultraviolet Dawn"[/thread] and [thread=35205]"Project Phoenix"[/thread], which were quite warmly received on these forums. Now we're back with something else... something we've decided to call "Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti". :)

    It's a hybrid tactical strategy/action game which takes place in a universe populated by space-faring Hedgehog and Cacti civilizations. Following a long, peaceful period of trade and mutual development, the Cacti have launched a sudden, callous attack, pushing the Hedgehogs to the brink of elimination, with but a few planets remaining within the latter's control. Your job is to save them and restore the Hedgehog civilization to its former glory - if you can. The Cacti are a formidable opponent.


    Beta-testers: We're planning to open it up for a quick beta soon (in a couple of days), so if you're interested, drop us a line at support at There's a limited number of spots available, since we're a small studio that still likes to respond to everyone's comments and ideas personally and in detail. If you've participated in a beta for "Ultraviolet Dawn", you should soon get an email automatically if you would like to participate in this one, too.

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