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    Dear All,

    I am happy to announce that my new game is almost ready, so I would like to share a pre-beta gameplay footage from Space Geckos - Rescue Mission with you.

    The game is based on a true story: last year the Russian space agency lost five geckos who were sent to space to mate. But now you can change history and rescue those poor lizards! Get on your ship and while shooting some asteroids collect rescue helmets and take them to the satellite to help the geckos escape :) More than 100 missions with double tasks wait for you!

    Choose from 4 ships, upgrade your abilities and navigate through the night sky. The constellations visible in the game are based on real star constellations, and some of the sounds in the game are from the NASA audio library (under public domain via Unity Asset Store, like the satellite beeps = real Sputnik beeps).

    I hope you will enjoy this little game.

    Estimated time of arrival: early October


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