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    Some important info at the top:

    Youtube Preview:

    Platform - iOS, all devices
    Cost - Free when released
    Cross Post from Reddit

    Over the past 6 months I have been working on this game I came up with in any moment I had free outside of work and being a new father.

    The gameplay concept is this. You control a space craft that is trying to get from point A to point B and save any stray astronauts along the way. But instead of using thrust at your disposal while you are flying around being pulled by planets, you just set the course for your ship by modifying the line that connects A and B.

    Your ship will always travel along that line, using fuel to turn and to thrust to counter any forces that may try to push or pull you off the line.

    If you run out of fuel you fail the mission and go crashing into a planet or go flying off into deep space.

    That is the core gameplay concept that everything was built around.

    The other core concept is that this isn't a game where you have levels and you beat them and then you are done. This is a game where I teach you how to understand all the physics and objects out in space, and after that you do what you want.

    You can check out all the missions other users have made, this is where I have most of my challenging missions. There you can try and solve the mission either the fastest or with the most fuel remaining. Each mission has leader boards for those two things.

    You can even build your own missions and as long as you can solve it some way or another, you can submit it online for every one else to play.

    My goal with this game is to give you a sandbox where you can make things I would never have imagined. I want to make a mission and think that you can only solve it this way and then see how some one finds an even better way to solve it.

    Currently in the game are...
    • Astronauts - For you to save of course
    • Planets - They pull you in
    • Anti-gravity planets - They push you away
    • Fuel Tanks - They refuel you mid flight
    • Gravity Wells - Like planets but you are in control of where they go

    Some additional comments from my friend:

    The game has a Reddit-inspired voting system for user-submitted levels. You can up/down-vote levels and they'll be more/less prominent based on their votes.

    One of the most interesting things about the game is how there are usually multiple ways to solve the same level, and the game allows you to view other people's solutions, so it's really interesting to see how different people go about solving the same problem.

    The in-game interface of creating the path is really slick. The video kind of shows this, but the game automatically creates nice curves to path between your beacons. You use the pinch/zoom gesture to get in and tweak these really well. It's kind of hard to understand the niceness of the interface unless you're actually touching it.

    We've been playing around with this for a few months now, and people are consistently coming up with clever new levels. There are really only like 4 "pieces" (planets, anti-grav, fuel tanks, gravity wells) you can put into the levels, but there seems to be a tremendous amount of different ways to use them in an interesting fashion. It's likely that at least a couple more pieces will be added before the game is done and that will add even more opportunity for unique and clever levels.

    The project's current status:
    Need a name - Space Flight is just a placeholder. Currently leaning towards Orbital Mechanics
    Need Art - All of the art in the game currently is just placeholder stuff from the internet. I am not a very good artist sadly. The company I work for is going to help me out on this front.
    Need Music/SXF - Currently none at all in game. My company is going to help here as well.
    Still need to hunt down a few random crashes.

    BETA TESTING - If any of you that have any iOS device with iOS version 5.0 or greater would like to check out the game before it is released and help out with feedback and suggestions, please message me your email address and what device you have. The iPad experience is the best with the extra screen real estate.

    Feel free to ask any questions. Feedback and/or suggestions even from just watching the video is always helpful.

    Lastly I would like to thank my wonderful wife for the support and time she has given me to work on this passion of mine.

    Thank you wonderful wife.

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