Universal Space Box Battle Arena [Game Disscussion] [September 2021]

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    Hello everyone!
    We are developing and finishing our fresh new game about Building of Spaceships and Battling in the Space! - <<Space Box>>

    Coming this September 2021 (I hope so!).

    Here is the first trailer:

    So, the game will be about building of your super cool spaceship and fighting the enemy player in the closed map (multiplayer).

    Let me reveal some key features:
    • [​IMG] Free-form building of own battleship (2D guys xD)
    • [​IMG] A variety of weapons for any style of play (8 weapons, 7 devices and 20 superdevices)
    • [​IMG] Many superpowers for total mayhem (20+8)
    • [​IMG] 8 unique characters to control your shuttle
    • [​IMG] 4 Game Modes + Play with Friends
    • [​IMG] Variety of maps for battles (14 maps, some are randomized)
    • [​IMG] 8 types of sudden deaths to quickly end the game (fun spacy stuff...)
    • [​IMG] Stylish design and graphics

    Please, have a look at the trailer, GIF and say what you think:
    1) What do you think about that? Do you like that game concept?
    2) Have you seen such a game before?
    3) Which game modes do you want us to add?
    4) Which devices/weapons do you want us to add?
    5) I want to make a cool RPG game from this one. Do you want to play something like that?

    If you like our game, add to Wishlist on Steam! (Soon I will add links to game pages on Google Play and App Store)

    Our steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1582980/Space_Box_Battle_Arena
    Itch.io: https://fingertipsandcompany.itch.io/spacebox
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceBoxBattleArena
  2. Asp

    Asp Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2017
    1) Under-represented space battler/builder
    2) Space Arena: Spaceship Battles
    3) AI Offline
    4) Phaser Banks
    Anti-Matter Missile
    Hyperspace Lance
    Photon Torpedo
    Hyperon Neutralization Field
    5) Yes
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  3. 2) Yeah, I know about that game, but it has automatic fight system.
    3) Yeah, I am thinking to add a BOSS raid battle, but for that a lot of time is needed, so, hope in next updates will be done.
    4) Hah, funny names. But actually I doesn't understand what they should do o_O
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  4. Shoaib12Iq

    Shoaib12Iq Active Member

    Aug 9, 2021
    The game looks Good to me, but haven't played yet.

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