Space Bot Alpha

Claim areas and outsmart the Alien Space Squid in this fun top down 2D line drawing game! Win all the levels of the spa…
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Claim areas and outsmart the Alien Space Squid in this fun top down 2D line drawing game! Win all the levels of the space ship "Phoenix" in full-screen HD graphics for iPhone or iPad. Plucky Space Bot Alpha uses his walls to seal off areas, and get points to save his space ship from the green Alien slime! While on the ships power rails Alpha is protected by his shields. But watch out! There's no shields when moving out to build walls! The tension mounts as more area is claimed and Alpha comes face to face with the dastardly Alien Squid! Space Bot Alpha come with 3 lives to get him back on deck after an alien attack, and you can replenish those with Repair Kits to be found on board the ship. Find Flash Grenades to stun the Alien, and Energy Cells which give Alpha a speed boost and extra shields - great for sealing walls up close to the Alien Squid! Make sure you collect all the power ups to help Space Bot Alpha deal with more dangerous Aliens as you go through the levels of the ship. Grab these valuable items before sealing off the level! Trainee Space Engineers will find good practice at wall-building in the ships Lab levels, but the game quickly becomes challenging when the real squid arrives on the scene! Higher levels have much more dangerous Alien monsters! Hard-core types can turn off tutorials in the settings. Claim 75% of the level to win with 1 star. Getting 2 and 3 stars is extra challenging as you come face-to-face with the Alien Squid! Use strategy and timing to build traps for the alien, then spring the trap to claim the maximum area. Use the squid indicator to track Alien's movements so you can build traps while his back is turned. But watch out as the Alien gets more cunning in higher levels! Features a level chooser so you can go back and retry those earlier levels as you gain Space Bot mastery. Walls can be built anywhere you choose so use your cunning to be two steps ahead of the wily Alien Squid monster. Try to clear all the levels of alien slime - can you help Alpha save his ship from the Alien Squid? *** Designed for iPad with full HD graphics. Runs just great on the iPhone as well. Fully supports the new iPhone 6+ with the spaceships decks viewed in HD glory, filling the iPhone 6+'s screen. Written in native code for great performance even on the iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1 or better. Share scores with your friends and join in the hunt for challenges and achievements over Game Centre, Twitter and Facebook, where in-game screenshots of your winning moves can be shared right from in the game.
Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:Nov 18, 2014
Updated:Dec 08, 2014
Size:50.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal