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    Dec 10, 2008
    We are currently finishing up Update 1.1 that addresses many of the issues with version 1.0. Most notably crashes due to low memory.

    1.1 includes the following features:

    Pause Button
    Easy Mode
    Low Memory Crash Fix
    Spelling Corrections
    Minor Menu Adjustments
    Spanish & German Localizations
    Smaller Memory Footprint
    Easier to Press Buttons

    From those of you who have played Das Boot. We would like some feedback on features or adjustments that we should add for version 1.1. (We will try to get them in if possible)

    If you have not tried Das Boot please do so or you can wait for the Lite Version that will be out shortly after version 1.1 Note: Please don't be scared away by the negative reviews as they are linked to the crash bug that is only a issue if you don't reboot your iPhone often.

    We're Listening let us know what you think!

    GO! :)
  2. Hi again! Sounds like you pretty much covered everything I criticized.
    I assume the Easy mode makes the submarines easier to see when the sonar is not in use? To be honest, I actually think this is how the game should be anyway, never mind just for the easy setting. Having a screen with just your ship on the surface and squinting at the screen trying to spot the subs is not my idea of fun. Like I said before, it also depends on how good players eyes are. If they aren't very sharp or slightly colourblind, they may not see the subs at all without sonar, yet others may see them more clearly. Why have the game like that, when the strategy is not from figuring out where the subs are, but rather where their torpedoes are going to come from. Hiding the subs so well isn't needed at all imo for the game to work, and it will be more fun (and less of a strain on any players eyes) if they were more visible on any difficulty.
    But hey, at least you have the option.
    Can't think of anything else yet. I didn't get too far in the game because of my main issue with it above. It was just too much strain on my eyes for anything longer than a few minutes.

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