Sound Designer and Music Composer, Indie-friendly, Samples Inside

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    Oct 25, 2013
    Hello there,

    My name is Andrew, and I am a freelance music composer and sound designer for games. I am comfortable and very experienced composing across a variety of genres/styles, including orchestral, historical, ethnic/world, electronic, rock, metal, pop, ambient, horror, comedic, cartoon, and any fusion of these genres. I also do sound effects design in a variety of styles, including realistic, gritty, light/casual, cartoon, and retro.

    Check out my portfolio here:

    Typical rates for indie games: $120 per 1 minute of music. $6 per 1 sound effect.

    The easiest and best way to contact me is through my website: or through email

    Thanks for your time, and take care!

    - Andrew Kim
    Audio Designer, Level Up Audio

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